The Hollow A Netflix Original Series

In 2019, it was exposed The Hollow had actually been restored momentarily period, beginning May 8, 2020.

Adam, Kai, as well as Mira, are 3 teens that stir up in an area without memories of themselves or each various other; the only idea to their identifications are their names created on tiny slides of paper in their pockets. After arising from a below-ground shelter, they locate themselves in a deep woodland as well as endeavor forth to uncover that they are as well as exactly how to obtain residence.

Along with the method, they come across an odd personality that they call the “Weird Guy,” that teleports them to various areas whenever they ask ‘aid please.' Each location, nevertheless, harbors threats as well as barriers that the team battle to get rid of, while likewise uncovering that they each have superpowers; Adam has both very stamina as well as dexterity, Mira can interact with pets, take a breath undersea, as well as swim like a mermaid, as well as Kai can cast as well as adjust fire, as well as being a technical whiz.


  • Adrian Petriw, like Adam, a Hispanic boy, one of the main protagonists. He is smart, incredibly durable, and agile, and assumes the role of leader of the group.
  • Ashleigh Ball as Mira, an Asian girl, one of the main protagonists. She is good at puzzles, able to communicate with animals and creatures, breathe underwater and swim at high speeds.
  • Connor Parnall as Kai, a Caucasian boy, one of the main protagonists. He is smart and nerdy, being a tech whiz, and can also create and adjust fire. However, he's impulsive, not very athletic, as well as often makes jokes that only he finds funny.
  • Diana Kaarina, like Vanessa, a Caucasian girl, one of the main antagonists. Along with being able to fly, she is incredibly manipulative and cunning.
  • Alex Barima as Reeve, an African-American child, among the major antagonists. He can move things with his mind. He is shown to be the most malicious of his group.
  • Jesse Moss as Skeet, a Caucasian boy, one of the main antagonists. He can run extremely fast. He is the least malicious of his group as well as, at some point, tries to convince his teammates to work together with their competitors after he is made aware of the dangers represented by the glitches.
  • Mark Hildreth as The Weird Guy, an eccentric as well as the mysterious individual who appears whenever someone says the phrase “help please.”
  • Nicole Oliver as Tree/Spider-Woman
  • Ian James Corlett as Benjamin
  • Michael Daingerfield as Benjamini
  • Brian Drummond as Death, A member of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He is skilled in baking scones as well as developing Ice Tea.
  • Kathleen Barr as The Witches
  • Brian Dobson as Toros/Minotaur #1
  • Paul Dobson as Minotaur #2
  • Lee Tockar as Dave
  • Peter Kelamis as Spider-Leader
  • Jason Simpson as Cyclops

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