The Mist Movie’s Original Ending Was Even Nastier

Director Frank Darabont's 2007 movie change of Stephen King's The Mist has an infamously severe completing, nevertheless it was virtually additionally nastier. There have really been a number of managers privileged adequate to change a number of King stories, nevertheless Darabont is among one of the most regular option for filmmaker most able to effectively provide the author's infiltrate the visual device. 1994's The Shawshank Redemption is considered by some to be amongst the most effective motion pictures ever made, while 1999's The Green Mile made fantastic reviews as well as additionally a number of Oscar political elections.

Darabont's third as well as additionally last King project as a director was The Mist, which – as usual for horror – was mostly overlooked when it came to awards, but received positive reviews, as well as is often cited by King's constant readers as a terrific adaptation of his novella. King himself also loves the film. The only real point of divide is The Mist‘s ending, which differs greatly from the book, and is hands down one of the most depressing, gut-punch conclusions in the history of mainstream scary.

As anyone who's seen The Mist no doubt recalls, protagonist David Drayton (Thomas Jane), his young son, and his fellow escapees from the local supermarket lose all hope of survival, with David using his four remaining bullets to euthanize them. He steps out out of his car in anguish, only for the mist to begin receding, and it to become clear that the military is defeating the creatures and restoring order. David is left to scream, seemingly having lost his mind. But it turns out, at one point Darabont wanted to twist the knife into David and the audience even further.

The sad implications of The Mist‘s ending are pretty clear. Not only would David's son and friends have all survived if they had just waited mere minutes before deciding to die, however the military is coming from the opposite direction, meaning if David had driven the other way, he'd have reached help hours earlier. Prior to filming The Mist‘s last sequence, Darabont hit upon the idea of making things even worse for David. He decided that instead of just the military arriving, and also additionally David seeing that Melissa McBride's character – who had begged for company when she left the store early on to look for her kids – had survived, a second truck of survivors would go by.

That second truck was planned to contain multiple characters David and his group had left behind at the supermarket, including most of Mrs. Carmody's followers. So not just would David have to live with the knowledge that if he had driven the other way, his son would still be alive, however he would also see that Carmody was right, at least partially, as if they had just stayed in the store and also waited, help would've come and they would've been saved. As for why Frank Darabont didn't go with this idea, it all comes down to scheduling. By the time Darabont formulated the notion, many of the actors he would need had already left The Mist‘s Louisiana shooting location, as they had wrapped. Instead of going to the trouble of getting them all back on set, he went with the finishing seen in the motion picture.

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