The Protégé 2 News & Updates: Everything We Know

Martin Campbell's The Protégé brings a brand-new motion picture assassin to the cinema in Maggie Q's Anna, yet is The Protégé 2 en route? The very first movie informs the tale of Anna's mission for retribution in behalf of her coach Moody (Samuel L. Jackson). Standing in between Anna as well as her revenge is Michael Keaton's Rembrandt, that comes to have a complex partnership with the major lead character.

The Protégé is a go back to the activity category for Campbell, that made his name with movies such as GoldenEyeCasino Royale, as well as The Mask Of Zorro. In a meeting with Screen Rant, Campbell spoke about what initially attracted him to The Protégé, stating, “It was an extremely fascinating tale created by Richard Wenk – as well as it was uncommon for a movie similar to this due to the fact that the majority of these women assassin or perhaps male assassin tales take 2nd banana to the activity as well as whatever else. But this was an actually appealing tale with appealing connections, so it was the mix of those 2 that truly obtained me going.”

With an ecstatic supervisor as well as a fascinating principle, will The Protégé be able to carve out its own action franchise?

It's unclear whether a sequel to The Protégé will be greenlit due to the film's underperformance at the box office. The Protégé grossed only $2.93 million from 2,577 locations in the U.S. as well as Canada in its opening weekend, finishing a distant seventh on the weekend chart (Aug. 20-22). The good news for The Protégé is the film's CinemaScore was a “B,” which was higher than both adult-targeted new releases Reminiscence (C+) and The Night House (C-). Studios have also been keeping outside factors like COVID-19 in mind when judging box office receipts, so the film's popularity in its eventual streaming release could play a huge factor in determining whether to continue the story.

There is no release date set for The Protégé 2. However, if the sequel does go forward, it will likely be at least two or three years until it comes out considering how long movie development usually takes.

Maggie Q has already expressed interest in returning for a possible The Protégé 2. In a discussion with Collider Ladies Night, the actress stated:

Keaton's involvement would certainly depend on his filming schedule, but The Protégé‘s ending left the fate of his Rembrandt character intentionally vague. With several films in the pipeline, including his return as Bruce Wayne/Batman in Andy Muschietti's upcoming The Flash feature, Keaton will continue to be a hot commodity in the near future. The ability to secure Keaton – or someone with comparable name recognition – will be key in continuing The Protégé story.

Since no sequel has been officially announced, The Protégé writer Richard Wenk hasn't revealed any plot details of The Protégé 2. However, based on the ending of the firstmovie, it's clear Anna would return to continue her story, and there would be plenty of directions to take her character.

A veteran Hollywood cast and skilled direction take a convoluted B-movie plot to higher ground. The Protégé puts a brutalized orphan girl under the tutelage of a wily assassin. He becomes a father, friend, and mentor. Who teaches her to go for the jugular like a stalking tiger. The film is loaded with punishing action scenes, but succumbs to periodic silliness with nonsensical flirtations and wild plot twists.

The Protégé opens in 1991 Da Nang, Vietnam. An elite hit man, Moody (Samuel L. Jackson), finds a bloodied preteen girl (Eva Nguyen Thorsen) under dangerous circumstances. He admires the child's toughness and decides to take her under his wing. Three decades later, Anna (Maggie Q), has become a London sophisticate. She owns a high-end rare bookstore. Selling vintage Edgar Allan Poe by day, then savagely collecting million dollar bounties at night. Anna and Moody specialize in finding those who wish to disappear in the shadows.

Moody's quiet birthday celebration at his palatial English manor goes off without a hitch. The following day, a mysterious visitor (Michael Keaton) visits Anna's bookstore and causes a chain reaction of carnage. One of Moody's past misdeeds has come back to haunt him. But he has a fierce protector in his corner. Anna goes back to Vietnam to uncover the powerful puppet master targeting them. She finds a much different country from her youth, but still ruled by feckless politicians and gangsters. Anna must face the traumatic events of her childhood. Then rain down vengeance on those who have wronged her.

Director Martin Campbell knows how to make a good action flick. He's done everything from Bond (GoldenEye, Casino Royale) to Jackie Chan (The Foreigner). The Protégé has him true to form. The film has good pacing with well choreographed fights and gunplay. His all-star ensemble plays their characters smartly. Samuel L. Jackson drops a trademark “motherf***er”, but reigns in the brashness for a more reserved performance. Maggie Q is an able action star under Campbell's guidance. She's much smaller than the bad guys she easily pummels. The Protégé dispatches death quickly without theatrics.

Several issues persist throughout the film. There's a lot of unnecessary monologuing and unrealistic banter. Maggie Q and Michael Keaton flirt while fighting. There's zero sexual tension between them, so these scenes end up being comical. The Protégé also suffers from left field plot reveals that don't make any sense. These characters are supposedly the top tier of trained killers. Yet they consistently let enemies walk away and make decisions that put their very own lives in danger. It also doesn't help that the actual villain is laughably unthreatening.

The Protégé has a few good qualities, but doesn't capitalize on them enough. There are some unpredictable moments meant for shock value. They don't pay off in a way that truly differentiates the story. We've seen the female assassin narrative countless times before. The Protégé ends up being another drop in the bucket. It's a midrange actioner that should suffice for genre fans. The Protégé is produced by Millennium Media, Arthur Sarkissian Productions, as well as Campbell Grobman Films. It is currently in wide theatrical launch from Lionsgate.

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