The Real-Life Story That Inspired “A League of Their Own”

Colin Hanks backed an old tweet by manager Matthew A. Cherry, pitching a comply with up to A League Of Their Own, which would definitely follow the 3 black girls that played in the Negro Leagues. The preliminary flick consisted of an all-star stars, containing Geena Davis, Lori Petty, Madonna, Rosie O'Donnell, in addition to Hanks' daddy, Tom, as the curmudgeonly yet at some point inspiring trainer Jimmy Dugan. The 1992 movie informs the story of the specialist baseball organization that was established throughout World War II, including women gamers as opposed to men, as they had actually all gone off to eliminate the battle.

The flick was a important as well as industrial success, making over $130 million at the box office, as well as is regarded as a modern classic by many. It spawned a short-lived TV series in 1993, as well as Amazon is currently developing a series based on the movie. In December 2018, Cherry posted a tweet that pitched a sequel idea. The tweet showed a scene from A League Of Their Own, where a fly ball is picked up by a black woman, who throws it back to the players like a pro. Cherry posited that the sequel would reveal the woman to be one of the three who played in the Negro Leagues, and would follow their careers.

Over a year after Cherry tweeted it, the idea has received new attention, with Colin Hanks replying on Twitter that the concept is a “no-brainer.” Actress Gabrielle Union also tweeted her support. The renewed attention the tweet has gotten comes in light of the recent focus on telling Black stories, a side benefit of the Black Lives Matter protests currently taking place in the US and around the world. You can see Colin Hanks and Union's tweets below.

Cherry hasn't responded to either Hanks or Union's tweets, yet did retweet Hanks'. The filmmaker and former NFL player is currently an executive at Jordan Peele's Monkeypaw Productions. He is best known for writing, producing, and directing Hair Love, which won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short at this year's Oscars. He's also directed several TELEVISION episodes, on shows such as The Last O.G and Black-ish.

Despite the tweet being quite an old one, the renewed attention has thrust Cherry's idea in the spotlight. The story of the women who played in the Negro Leagues seems like it was made for a movie or TV collection. And given the desperate need for more Black stories told by Black people, it is, as Colin Hanks says, a “no-brainer.”

It will be interesting to see if it goes anywhere. Cherry is a busy filmmaker, having just been tapped to direct The Come Up, but one assumes that he would jump at the chance to tell the story, as well as it's clear the suggestion has actually been bouncing around in his head for a while. Whether there is will from a studio to make the story remains to be seen, but Cherry might be able to use the restored interest in the project created by Hanks in addition to Union to transform his pointer right into a reality.

Source: Colin Hanks/Gabrielle Union/Matthew A. Cherry/Box Office Mojo

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