The Suicide Squad Needs To Address A Batman Problem

How can The Suicide Squad solve the Batman-developed elephant in the location? 2016's DCEU Suicide Squad flick was primarily panned by skeptics, although it has really since emerged that producing held up against no percent of workshop disruption. Despite taking a pummeling in endorsements, Suicide Squad did do at plan work environment, as well as additionally an adhere to up hops on the technique. With James Gunn as manager, The Suicide Squad will absolutely notify a numerous story to its forerunner as well as additionally will absolutely consist of a mainly new plant of individualities, yet will absolutely still be a loosened up expansion of the 2016 campaign, which told the starts of Amanda Waller's Task Force X.

Following a (relatively) efficient objective, the making it with individuals of the group return to their cells, yet one man is a lot less than pleased by Waller's tasks. Suicide Squad‘s post-credits scene consists of a cameo from Ben Affleck's DCEU Bruce Wayne, that encourages Waller in no not sure terms to shut the Task Force X task down entirely. In exchange for providing her a free offer for the Enchantress challenge, Bruce takes Waller's information on meta-humans (as a result developing Justice League), yet he in addition leaves her with an air conditioning message: shut down Task Force X or he as well as additionally his buddies will absolutely do it for her. Waller possibly thinks Bruce is discussing the bountiful as well as additionally efficient. The audience know he's talking about Batman.

Despite this crystal clear statement of intent from Bruce, the very fact that The Suicide Squad is happening at all proves that Amanda Waller will be getting her Task Force X band back together for a reunion gig. Viola Davis is even returning, heavily suggesting that her character is orchestrating the operation once again. Therefore, Bruce Wayne will need to make good on his promise and additionally come for Waller's pet project, shutting it down the only way Batman knows how. A significant roadblock in that plan is Ben Affleck no longer being part of the DCEU, while Robert Pattison's The Batman appears to be taking place outside of the franchise's continuity. So how can The Suicide Squad address Bruce Wayne's threat?

The Suicide Squad can't just ignore Batman's post-credits scene from the original movie. The DCEU is already filled with inconsistencies where long-term plans were altered, with some of the most infamous examples including the Knightmare sequences, Flash's time traveling as well as the Injustice League tease between Deathstroke as well as Lex Luthor. These incomplete plot threads contributed to the deafening Justice League Snyder cut demand, and with fans already calling for the Ayer cut of Suicide Squad, the last thing the DCEU needs is another seemingly important scene that wound up hitting a dead end.

As previously mentioned, however, Ben Affleck is no longer the Caped Crusader. The actor was originally slated to be the star of Matt Reeves' The Batman, but those plans changed when Affleck chose to step away from his second superhero role. Consequently, The Suicide Squad doesn't have Affleck's Batman, can't borrow Pattinson's, and almost certainly won't be permitted to cast its own Dark Knight, leaving Gunn with the unenviable task of solving a Batman-related plot point without the benefit of Batman himself.

One way of paying off the Bruce Wayne threat would be to have Amanda Waller reference the billionaire in The Suicide Squad. Perhaps Waller is hesitant to restart Task Force X because she fears Wayne's repercussions, or maybe she drops a throwaway line about “keeping Bruce Wayne in the dark.” This would at least acknowledge the Suicide Squad post-credits happened and avoid an awkward retcon. After making a few references in the main film, The Suicide Squad‘s post-credits could then wrap up the story properly. Even without having a genuine Batman actor, the personality's shadow is recognizable enough to do the job – the final moments of Gunn's sequel could be Waller sitting expectantly in her office when a Bat-shaped shadow falls over her. This would imply a resolution to Bruce Wayne's threat without requiring Batman to show his face.

Alternatively, The Suicide Squad could be a little bolder and additionally deal with Affleck's DC departure once as well as also for all by confirming the in-universe death of Bruce Wayne. This would explain both why Task Force X starts back up in the first place as well as also why Waller does not endure any type of ominous superhero consequences.

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