The Vampire Diaries: Every Character Nina Dobrev Played

The Vampire Diaries choices many characters all through its eight seasons, with plenty of carried out by Nina Dobrev. Here's a breakdown of each one of them.

Between new doppelgängers and fully completely different iterations of established characters, Nina Dobrev supplied a wide range of top-notch performances all through her run on The Vampire Diaries. Based on L.J. Smith's well-liked sequence of books, the supernatural drama was developed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec. Debuting in 2009 on The CW, the current garnered the best sequence premiere rankings due to the neighborhood's inception.

Set throughout the fictional metropolis of Mystic Falls, The Vampire Diaries adopted a bunch of buddies as they dealt with frequent supernatural threats, age-old mystical secrets and techniques and methods, and complex love lives. The bulk of the latter was focused on Elena Gilbert's tangled relationships with the 162-year-old vampire Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) and his unpredictable older brother and fellow vampire Damon (Ian Somerhalder). Among others, the sequence moreover starred Steven R. McQueen as Elena's brother Jeremy, Kat Graham due to the extremely efficient witch Bonnie, and Candice King as Elena's vampire best pal Caroline.

Though each character superior throughout The Vampire Diaries‘ eight seasons, almost the entire stable had been tasked with bringing to life just one place. One of the current's central mysteries, nonetheless, was the doppelgänger curse – of which every Elena and Stefan had been entangled. As such, Wesley and Dobrev steadily stretched their showing muscle tissue to a number of fully completely different characters. Here's a breakdown of everyone that Dobrev carried out.

Amid vampires, witches, werewolves, and individuals who could converse with the lifeless, Dobrev's Elena was the literal beating coronary coronary heart of the current. And throughout the wake of dropping her adopted dad and mother in an vehicle crash, it was around her that the whole thing revolved – from the passion-driven actions of Stefan and Damon to plenty of mysteries and the machinations of quite a few villains. In The Vampire Diaries season 4, nonetheless, Elena formally turned and has turn out to be a vampire. As a consequence, Dobrev purchased to portray a totally new and super-powered side to Elena. The actress was moreover able to doing the an identical when, in a second of overwhelming grief, Elena switched off her emotions and humanity – displaying an additional reckless and bloodthirsty facet of the character. As such, in essence, Elena alone supplied Dobrev the possibility to play not lower than three characters in a single.

In The Vampire Diaries season 1, episode 6, “Lost Girls”, one among Elena's essential doppelgängers made their first look. Appearing in flashback, it was revealed how Katherine Pierce had seduced and eventually turned every Damon and Stefan into vampires – thus sparking over a century of frequent animosity between the pair. Cunning and ruthless, Katherine returned in modern-day Mystic Falls on the end of the first season. She then spent almost all of The Vampire Diaries season 2 serving as a principal antagonist and a darker, far more assured reflection of Elena. Katherine returned repeatedly as such all through subsequent seasons – along with as the ultimate Big Bad in The Vampire Diaries sequence finale.

Immensely well-liked with followers, the character was not with out her sympathetic sides and moments of pathos, as seen in later flashbacks and when briefly rendered human. In Dobrev's arms, the character always felt distinct – even from equally damaging variations of Elena. Equally, the actress often wanted to play Katherine posing as Elena. As such, she added even deeper ranges of nuance to the effectivity and as soon as extra purchased to play a number of characters in a single.

Amara was launched in The Vampire Diaries season 5. Like Katherine, she is first seen in a flashback sooner than rising throughout the present day. Born sometime by the first century, Amara served because the handmaiden Qetsiyah and engaged in a bootleg romance with Qetsiyah's betrothed, the villainous Silas (Wesley). Intending to be collectively eternally, Amara and Silas stole and consumed a magical elixir, making themselves the world's first immortals. As a consequence, the doppelgänger curse that will spawn Elena and Katherine was formally born to stability out pure regulation. Unfortunately, Qetsiyah trapped Silas and Amara in revenge. Though largely extra innocent than Katherine and even Elena, Amara was pushed insane by her imprisonment and at being compelled to actually really feel the demise of every supernatural creature over the centuries. As a consequence, Amara's tenure on The Vampire Diaries was transient – with the character seeking out demise the second she was able to.

As if that wasn't ample, Dobrev moreover guest-starred on The Vampire Diaries‘ spinoff current, The Originals. Established as the first of the Petrova doppelgängers to emerge, she was the widowed partner of a Viking warrior. She met the Mikaelsons sooner than they grow to be the distinctive vampires. Reflecting later love triangles, every Elijah and Klaus fell in love collectively together with her. Though she lastly chosen Elijah, nothing was able to completely come of the connection. With her mystical blood used to create the vampire spell, a newly turned Elijah was unable to hold once more from killing her. The remainder of her blood was used to repress Klaus' werewolf side. As such, Tatia was a one-and-done character.

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