The Winter Soldier Complete MCU Timeline: Bucky’s Story Explained

Bucky Barnes has really had relatively the center occupation as well as additionally life in the MCU, so right below's a complete timeline of all the Winter Soldier's critical events.

The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) has really had relatively a difficult occupation in the MCU. Born in 1917, Sergeant James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes is the young people buddy of Captain America, as well as additionally both become men out of time, having really lived lengthy lives several thanks to their certain enhancements. However, until 2016, Bucky Barnes' program has really been much darker than that of Steve Rogers, as well as additionally the Winter Soldier's simply simply lately had the capability to start working towards redemption to balance out the disobediences of his past.

Barnes hasn't regularly been in control of his extremely own mind several thanks to the efforts of HYDRA, which cause some reasonably dark stages in his life before he wound up being an Avenger together with Captain America in Avengers: Infinity WarHowever, this makes Barnes amongst among one of the most interesting as well as additionally dynamic characters in the MCU as a result. While Captain America got his happy ending at the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame, Bucky Barnes' journey as a hero has seemingly just begun.

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Thus far, the Winter Soldier has been featured in six films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though his exploits off-screen and additionally in between said chapters of Marvel's Infinity Saga are rather interesting as well, such as his time with the Howling Commandos or his sinister missions as HYDRA's brainwashed assassin before his mind was restored. Here's a complete timeline focused on key events of the MCU's Winter Soldier, offering a complete history as well as explanation of Bucky Barnes' story before it continues with Marvel's Falcon and the Winter Soldier series coming soon to Disney Plus.

March 10th, 1917- Bucky Barnes Is Born Bucky Barnes is born to a family of four children, growing up in Brooklyn, New York.

1930- Bucky Meets Steve Rogers Barnes saves a smaller and weaker Steve Rogers from a group of bullies, and the two become best friends.

December 1941- Bucky Enlists With The Army The United States enter World War II after the attack on Pearl Harbor, and Barnes and Rogers both agree to enlist in the U.S Army. While Bucky is recruited, Rogers is denied (though he continues to make attempts). Barnes then trains with the 107th Infantry Regiment and gains the rank of Sergeant.

June 1943- Bucky Is Deployed To Europe After spending a night with Rogers and a pair of young women at the 1943 Stark Expo, Barnes is deployed along with the 107th to Europe in the beginning of Captain America: The First Avenger.

October 1943- Barnes Is Captured By Hydra Barnes and his unit are captured by the Nazi science division known as HYDRA as POWs, forced to build weapons and ammunition.

November 1943- Bucky Is Rescued By Rogers Steve Rogers leads a breakout of the HYDRA facility, having become enhanced thanks to the Super Soldier Serum. Rogers also rescues Barnes, who had been experimented on by HYDRA scientist Arnim Zola.

1944- Captain America and the Howling Commandos Having officially become Captain America, Rogers forms the Howling Commandos, and Barnes serves as the elite unit's sniper. Working with Rogers, the Howling Commandos took down several of HYDRA's installations and facilities across Europe, including the Red Skull's plan to detonate a Norse Runestone along with several other machines of war Zola had created using the power of the Tesseract.

January 1945- Bucky Is Presumedly KIA During a mission to hijack a HYDRA train and capture Dr. Zola, Bucky is believed to have been killed in action, having fallen from the train and presumedly to his death.

1945- Barnes Is Found Alive Thanks to Zola's experiments, Bucky survived his fall and was found by HYDRA, though he lost his left arm. He was also subsequently turned over to HYDRA's Siberian facility and held prisoner.

1945- Barnes Becomes the First Winter Soldier Zola was later freed and recruited by SHIELD and the SSR under Operation Paperclip. As result, Zola continued his experiments on Bucky Barnes while secretly rebuilding HYDRA as well. Zola gave Barnes a new cybernetic arm, while also using mental reprogramming techniques and brainwashing to remake him into a weapon they could control: The Winter Soldier. Keeping him cryogenically frozen for decades, HYDRA would thaw Barnes out when needed to eliminate desired targets.

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December 16th, 1991- Winter Soldier Kills Tony Stark's Parents The other prominent targets the Winter Soldier killed were Howard and Maria Stark. Howard was transporting prototypes for a new Super Soldier serum which was desired by Hydra to create more Winter Soldiers. The brainwashed Barnes brutally killed the couple, while making it look like it was a car accident. Additionally, the creation of more Winter Soldiers was put on ice after the Soviet Union dissolved the same year.

2009- Winter Soldier Shoots The Black Widow While on an escort detail in Iran, Agent Natasha Romanov and a nuclear engineer under her protection were attacked by the Winter Soldier. While they survived their vehicle going over a cliff, Natasha was shot by the Winter Soldier through her stomach and the bullet went into the engineer, killing him.

2014- Winter Soldier's Assassination Attempt Against Nick Fury In the beginning of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Barnes is activated by HYDRA's Alexander Pierce to take out SHIELD Director Nick Fury. While Barnes was unsuccessful, this signified the beginning of HYDRA's emergence from the shadows to take over SHIELD in earnest.

2014- Winter Soldier Faces Captain America Steve Rogers becomes aware of the Winter Soldier's existence after the attempted murder of Fury, and the pair eventually cross paths and trade blows in Washington D.C. During their fight, Rogers managed to take off the Winter Soldier's mask, revealing his true identity as Rogers' childhood friend. While this was a shock for Captain America, it likewise brought up long-buried memories Barnes had forgotten, leading to Pierce ordering Barnes' mind to be wiped again.

2014- Battle of the Triskelion and Barnes Remembers When Captain America and his allies attempted to prevent HYDRA from using SHIELD's helicarriers and enacting Project Insight, the Winter Soldier was sent to stop them and kill Rogers. After a brutal brawl Captain America gets through to Barnes, who begins to remember who he was before HYDRA. However, the destruction of the helicarrier sent Rogers falling into the river below.

2014- Winter Soldier Saves Rogers And Goes Into Hiding After the battle, Barnes saves Rogers before going off on his own. While he did go back to the HYDRA site at the Ideal Federal Savings Bank where he had been routinely brainwashed, he decides not to kill the scientists, no longer wanting to be a part of any more bloodshed. He then visits the Captain America exhibit at the Smithsonian, confirming the validity of his returning memories.

2016- Winter Soldier Is Framed For A Bombing In Vienna despite his seclusion in Romania at the beginning of Captain America: Civil War, Barnes is framed for a bombing in Vienna during the signing of the Sokovia Accords, which killed several including King T'Chaka of Wakanda, the father of the Black Panther. In truth, it's all part of a larger plot by Helmut Zemo to get revenge on the Avengers.

2016- Captain America Harbors Winter Soldier As A Fugitive Despite the worldwide manhunt for the Winter Soldier, Captain America finds Barnes first, and Bucky confirms that he remembers who he is and his relationship to Rogers. As such, Captain America determines to protect Barnes and clear his name. However, the creation of the Sokovia Accords makes this difficult, as the Avengers' actions must now be sanctioned by the United Nations.

2016- Zemo Takes Advantage Of The Winter Soldier Captain America, Falcon, and Barnes are all captured and taken to the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre Building in Berlin, which was when psychiatrist Theo Broussard questions Barnes to determine his mental state. However, Broussard is replaced by Zemo. Creating a blackout, Zemo uses the secret HYDRA trigger words to control the Winter Soldier, learning not only about Barnes' mission in 1991, but also the location of the HYDRA site in Siberia. He then orders the Winter Soldier to kill anyone that gets in his way and to escape in a helicopter, which would have made him look even more guilty for the Vienna bombing.

2016- The Civil War After some conflict with Tony Stark, Sharon Carter, and Natasha Romanov, Rogers, and Sam Wilson managed to leave the facility with Barnes, whose programming eventually wore off. Barnes revealed Zemo's apparent plan, involving the activation of the other Winter Soldiers that HYDRA had created. As a result, Captain America calls Clint Barton for help, who picks up Wanda Maximoff and Ant-Man to help take down the assassins. However, they're all stopped at the airport by Iron Man and a collection of like-minded heroes who've chosen to support the Sokovia Accords. After a massive brawl, Rogers and Barnes are the only two to make it out, charting a course for Siberia.

2016- Tony Stark Learns Winter Soldier Killed His Parents Once Rogers' allies are apprehended and taken to the prison known as the Raft, Iron Man suspects Barnes' innocence, and he follows Rogers and Barnes to Siberia (with the Black Panther secretly following Iron Man). Once he arrives, Stark offers to help Rogers and Barnes, and the three of them venture into the facility to discover that Zemo has actually killed the other assassins. His real goal was to break the Avengers apart as revenge for the loss of his family in Sokovia during Ultron's attack. Showing Stark footage of Barnes' murdering his parents, Tony becomes enraged, determined to kill the Winter Soldier. He likewise has actually no love for Rogers, as it was revealed that Rogers has known about the Starks since the events of Winter Soldier, but had chosen not to tell him. In the end, Rogers as well as Barnes incapacitate Stark, but not after Barnes loses his metal arm in the resulting battle.

2016- Winter Soldier Granted Asylum In Wakanda Because Black Panther witnessed the entire event and learned of Zemo's true plot, he offers asylum to Barnes, promising to keep him safe and to additionally use his nation's resources and science to try and remove all of the programming HYDRA left in the Winter Soldier's head.

2018- Winter Soldier's Mind Is Restored By Shuri at the end of Black Panther, it's revealed that the Black Panther's sister and head scientist Shuri has managed to rehabilitate Bucky, and he's allowed to freely move about Wakanda, living in a nearby village and being referred to as “The White Wolf”.

2018- The Winter Soldier Joins The Battle of Wakanda When Earth is under attack by the forces of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, the Avengers choose to make their last stand in Wakanda, and the Black Panther calls Barnes to join the fight, providing a new vibranium arm to replace the one Iron Man destroyed.

2018- The Winter Soldier Becomes A Victim of Thanos' Decimation Due to Thanos' victory in gaining all of the Infinity Stones, he snaps his fingers as well as half of all life in the universe is erased. Bucky Barnes was one of the casualties.

2023- Winter Soldier Returns In Avengers: Endgame Bucky Barnes returns with everyone else who vanished when the surviving Avengers gain the Infinity Stones using time travel. He subsequently joins the heroes in the final fight for Earth against Thanos' army until Iron Man defeats them all using the Infinity Stones.

2023- Winter Soldier Witnesses Falcon Becoming New Captain America In the aftermath of the battle, Barnes joins Sam Wilson as they see Captain America off to return the Infinity Stones throughout time. However, it's revealed that Rogers himself stayed in the past to be with his love Peggy Carter. Now an old man, Barnes watches from a distance as Rogers gives his shield to Falcon, effectively passing on the torch as well as mantle of Captain America to Sam Wilson.

Now, the Winter Soldier is ready to partner with the Falcon in the new collection coming to Disney Plus, which will see the duo not only dealing with the return of Zemo, but also with Wilson's apparent reluctance to wield the shield as the next Captain America. In any case, it looks as though Bucky Barnes will be getting the opportunity to continue his trip as a hero in the MCU with the upcoming release of Falcon as well as additionally the Winter Soldier on Disney Plus.

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