Theory: Loki Has A Timeline Where The Collector Got The Infinity Stones

With Thanos gotten rid of from the 2014 in Avengers: Endgame, a new reality presently exists where the Collector's proposition to accumulate the Infinity Stones succeeds.

With Marvel's honest program Loki ensuring to disclose Loki undertaking rotating realities, a straightforward choice would definitely be the reality where Thanos travelled for the skirmish at the end of Avengers: Endgame – a truth uncommon in addition to damaging due to the fact that the Collector would certainly have accumulated every one of the infinity rocks rather. The possible purchaser of the power rock in Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as the guard of the Reality Stone in Thor: The Dark World, the Collector's passions to have the infinity rocks were warded off by Thanos. With the crazy titan beat in an additional truth, the Collector would certainly remain in an undisputed placement to preserve the rocks he had actually gotten, as well as to look for the rest.

Every Infinity Stone gives power – as well as despite simply 2 in his ownership, the Collector can function some amazing methods. With the Mind Stone in the ownership of Hydra, as well as the Space Stone being held by the Asgardians, the Collector can work with burglars to take the items, or make use of the truth-warping powers of the reality rock to take them himself. At the moment of Thanos' separation, the Ancient One would certainly still have the moment rock, yet without any certain rush – the only competitors gone from his truth – the Collector can bide his time, as well as await the much less knowledgeable Stephen Strange to assert it.

Since the Collector of this truth would certainly have the imaginable capability to take the infinity rocks, as well as has actually shared the wish to do so, the concern after that develops what he would certainly perform with the effective artefacts. Loki's Mind Stone experience regardless of, the god of mischievousness had little chance to take advantage of the infinity rocks for his very own advantage – yet he may see a dark representation of what he may have done, in the Collector. Obsessed with his collection, the Collector may check out the infinity rocks as simply the utmost enthusiast's items, or he may utilize them to please his picky as well as periodically vicious whims.

Although his motives and intentions for the stones was never made specifically clear, the Collector's line in the post-credit scene of Thor 2, upon being presented with the reality stone and told that the space stone was in the Asgardian vaults was an ominous “One down – five to go“. Given that he had just been presented with one piece from a collection of six, and told the location of a second, it seems fairly obvious that his intent was to complete the set. Offering an array of powers, the Infinity Stones could allow the Collector an unchallenged ability to acquire whatever he desired – his avarice and jealousy for his collection being legendary.

The fact that less than a year later, the Collector put in a considerable bid for the Power Stone to be retrieved from Morag, suggests that he may have been inspired to seek the stones by the acquisition of the one given to him by the Asgardians. Since he did not know of the location of the Tesseract before he was told, and had no reason to suspect that the Reality Stone would come into his possession, the timing of the events suggests that he found a new goal for his collection upon presentation of the Reality Stone. It is also possible that the Collector himself had no end goal apart from merely owning the stones.

Although Ronan takes the Power Stone for his hammer after the Collector's slave Carina causes an explosion with it, the Accuser would not have been in Knowhere were it not for Drax announcing the Guardians' presence. Drax met up with the other Guardians of the Galaxy in the Kyln prison, where they were being held because Gamora and Quill fought in the middle of a crowded square. With Gamora gone from the timeline – and Thanos not offering Ronan the ships and assistance of his daughters – none of this would have been able to happen. Quill's sale of the Power Stone would have personally enriched him, and would likely have gone unchallenged, as the stone quietly made its way to the Collector.

In the MCU, the Collector lost the Power Stone to Ronan, and the reality stone to Thanos in a fight that left the Collector ambiguously dead or alive. With no Thanos, the Collector would therefore be up two stones, with no competition on the field apart from the beings and defences innate to the other stones, and decidedly alive. While the Collector (if still alive) may still try to acquire what remains of the Infinity Stones in the mainline MCU, this variant Collector has a considerable head start.

The trailer for Loki makes it clear that the God of Mischief will be exploring and dealing with variant timelines on behalf of the Time Variance Authority. Since the universe from which Thanos has been removed is unquestionably a time variance, and a degree of cleverness and cunning may be required to finesse a solution to an out-of-control Collector, this timeline seems like an intuitive place for Loki to be sent. Moreover, if another timeline requires an infinity stone solution, the Collector can usually be bargained or reasoned with, to a point – among Loki's best character traits for such a position are a pronounced moral flexibility and a charismatic patter second to none.

Loki may not have all of the experiences of the version of himself from the mainline MCU, but the Time Variance Authority seems dedicated to catching him up on the missing memories. To that end, Loki's experience with finessing the Grandmaster, the Collector's brother, could grant valuable insight into how the minds of the Elders of the Universe work. Combined with Loki's experiences with the Mind Stone and the Power Stone, Loki would be a leading candidate for dealing with a variant Collector empowered by all of the Infinity Stones, at least giving him better than average odds of success.

It has been a through line with the Infinity Stones that all of them come with a considerable cost to use – whether it be the rules of love and sacrifice for the Soul Stone, or the backlash by the Space Stone against people abusing its power. The Collector, clearly knowledgeable about the infinity stones per his lecture in Guardians of the Galaxy, would have some idea of this cost. The fact that he expressed a desire to collect the stones in spite of this suggests that he has a desire to use the stones – after all, if all of his interest was in keeping the stones safe, their existing defences were already daunting.

The Collector is shown in the franchise to be capricious and vicious, keeping sentient beings like Howard the Duck as well as Cosmo the Spacedog in glass cases, while his slave Carina sacrificed her life in a vain attempt to kill him as well as escape the servitude that she was enduring. This bodes poorly for the Collector's objectives in using the Infinity Stones; since the radiation from the rocks can give humans superpowers, he might seek to create new ‘pieces' for his collection. Alternately, with the ability to teleport, create ‘real' illusions, and read the minds of those around him, he could expand his collection immensely through an unmatched power-set for simple theft.

While only a little bit of the Collector's character has been shown in the MCU films, what has been revealed implies that his covetous nature and jealous protection of his collection make the Collector a harmful owner for the Infinity Stones. If Loki does touch on this potential truth as a story line, it would certainly certainly likely be a significant part of a season arc, with the Collector as a recurring antagonist. Even if this is not explored initially, Loki has actually actually currently been restored for a second period – with a lot of time to review this chance.

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