Thor: What Went Wrong With Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster, Natalie Portman Reacts To Being The Next Thor

Natalie Portman stood for Jane Foster in the really initial 2 Thor flicks before disappearing from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so what unavoidably stopped working with the individuality? Fans were thrilled when the Oscar-winning starlet was cast in the feature, yet by the time she calmly left the MCU, no one showed up to care. Although Jane exposed promise in Thor, her ability was never ever before identified in its comply with up, Thor: The Dark World. Despite the individuality’s cozy feature, there are get ready for Portman to make her successful return in Thor: Love as well as likewise Thunder, not similarly as Jane Foster, yet as the Goddess of Thunder herself.

Introduced in Journey to Mystery #84 in 1962, Jane Foster began as a signed up nurse that operated near to Thor in his temporal kind as Dr. Donald Blake. She in the future became a medical professional as well. The 2 had an off-again-on-again love in the comics for several years, yet eventually, Jane became far more than a love interest rate. After Thor was pertained to not worthwhile to have Mjolnir, it was Jane that consumed the mantle – though it was instead time before her recognition was revealed. Jane's endure remodeling occurs as she is undergoing treatment for breast cancer cells. Sadly, her freshly discovered powers eliminate the radiation therapy from her system each time she becomes Thor, leaving her weak in the repercussions. This was an important part of the individuality’s journey in the comics, yet Thor: Love as well as likewise Thunder manager Taika Waititi doubts if Jane's cancer cells story will absolutely make it right into the finished motion picture.

So why didn’t things work out with Jane Foster to begin with? Portman’s astrophysicist was set to play an integral role in the Thor films, but vanished after a disappointing appearance in Thor: The Dark World. Waititi proved with Thor: Ragnarok that he could reinvigorate the God of Thunder’s flagging franchise, so there is definitely hope for Jane’s future in the MCU, but Thor: Love and Thunder will have to avoid many past mistakes.

Natalie Portman is an undeniably fantastic actress. She proved this with her incredible debut in Léon: The Professional and has continued to do so ever since with unforgettable parts in films such as Closer, V for Vendetta, Black Swan, and Jackie. All that said, no matter how good she may be, Portman still wasn’t done any favors by the scripts she was given for the Marvel movies. These issues weren’t quite so glaring in Thor when the astrophysicist appeared to be written as more than a mere love interest for the titular hero. Despite her constantly swooning over Thor, she was fascinated by more than just his godly appearance. He was proof of something she’d been working towards her entire career.

While Thor: The Dark World did its best to incorporate Jane into the story, ultimately, she was sidelined. After about ten minutes of screen time, she absorbed the film’s McGuffin, the aether, which incapacitated her, drastically hindering her arc for the rest of the movie. Jane may have become emblematic of the film’s larger issues, but she really did not actually cause them. The movie is regarded by most as one of the MCU’s worst entries and is certainly the weakest of the Thor franchise. Although Portman was underserved by Thor, the film wasn't a bad starting point for Jane, but the sequel really did not give Portman enough to do, nor did it render her in a way that was especially interesting, effectively wasting an actress as talented as Natalie Portman.

While the initial attraction between Thor and Jane Foster was clear in Thor, the bond between them was never really developed enough to make for a particularly exciting reunion in Thor: The Dark World. They enjoyed their time together and all, but liking someone over the course of a few days isn’t generally enough to overcome the reality of dimensional barriers. Perhaps if Thor and Jane had spent time together between films or if the character had more than the barest of mentions in The Avengers, fans would’ve had an easier time buying into this relationship. Though the God of Thunder had a lot on his plate between the events of Thor and Thor: The Dark World, at least a mention of an offscreen reunion would have further developed the relationship. The MCU’s tie-in comics also failed to add much depth to the situation.

The script wasn’t the only roadblock for this couple. When it comes to cinematic portrayals of romance, the way the characters are written often isn’t the deciding factor on whether or not a love story will be compelling. The relationship between Thor and Jane wasn’t fleshed out, and though both Hemsworth and Portman are immensely talented, there simply wasn’t enough chemistry between the actors to elevate the material. Perhaps if there had been more sparks flying on screen, audiences would’ve actually cared about their post-credits reunion in Thor: The Dark World – which Portman wasn’t even actually present for – or the revelation that their relationship had ended in Thor: Ragnarok.

Thor did a far better job adapting the God of Thunder than Thor: The Dark World. The parts of the film that work best are the scenes set in Asgard or other fantastical locations, such as Jotunheim. These extraordinary realms truly came to life in Kenneth Branagh’s hands, and the director deftly balanced that magic alongside Thor‘s fish-out-water comedy on Earth. Even with that in mind, a group of scientists on Earth can hardly compete with the Shakespearean drama of Asgard. Unfortunately, Alan Taylor struggled in the sequel to make either realm engaging, though the scenes on Earth were particularly bland. Although Jane Foster became the face of the Thor franchise’s issues on Earth, she was never really the core of the problem.

Much of Thor: Ragnarok’s success hinged on throwing the blueprint of the previous Thor films out the window. For the most part, this meant leaving Earth behind, which left no real place for Jane or any of her friends – though Kat Dennings’ Darcy Lewis will soon return to the MCU in WandaVision. The Thor comics have proven that some of the God of Thunder’s most amazing adventures can unfold on Earth, so the fact that this was not reflected in the films can hardly be blamed on Jane Foster.

By the time Jane Foster effectively vanished from the MCU, no one really seemed to care. Thor explained her disappearance with a throwaway line about their breakup Thor: Ragnarok, but seemed generally unmoved by her absence. Patty Jenkins coming onboard for Thor: The Dark World had made the actress much more excited about filming the sequel, but Portman's feelings toward the Marvel movies soured significantly in the wake of Jenkins' departure from the film. As far as many fans were concerned, Jane hadn’t proven vital to Thor’s story and if anything, had become more of a detriment to it. Even her brief Avengers: Endgame appearance was created using repurposed footage from Thor: The Dark World. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to sum up Jane’s legacy in the MCU.

Marvel wouldn’t have brought Portman back into the fold if Waititi didn’t have some intriguing plans for her. Aside from that, it seems unlikely that the actress would agree to come back unless she was given a substantially better duty in Thor: Love and Thunder. Although the comics have served as little more than inspiration for the majority of MCU movies, Jane’s comic run as the hero is quite solid. For her part, Portman read The Mighty Thor in preparation for her upcoming look.

Waititi has already injected fresh blood into the Thor franchise business, so there’s no reason to think he wouldn’t be able to do the same with Jane. While little can be done about the lack of chemistry between Hemsworth as well as Portman, giving Jane her own storyline will certainly go a long way in providing a strong argument for the character's return. Taking into account the strong source material, Portman's considerable talent, as well as Waititi’s track record, there is little need to worry whether or not the next Thor movie will certainly make factors right for Jane Foster.

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