What The Aurors Of Harry Potter Were Supposed To Look Like (According To The Books)

The Aurors of the Harry Potter movies are popular by committed followers, yet some look a bit various from their job equivalents.

The Aurors were an exceptionally vital part of the Harry Potter cosmos. Their duty was to secure versus and also capture dark wizards, and also they appeared to be doing quite well up until Voldemort himself returned listed below their watch.

Mad-Eye Moody

As described in guide, Mad-Eye Moody has a wood leg, a fabricated eye, and also a piece gotten of his nose. His hair is grey, and also his relocating eye is brownish, while his wonderful eye is blue. The flicks draw this off concerning totally, spreading Brendan Gleeson (the daddy of Domhnall Gleeson, that plays Bill Weasley, in the duty). The piece of the nose isn’t one of the most noticeable point worldwide, and also his hair isn’t yet grey, yet he is or else almost precisely as we’d assume.

Kingsley Shacklebolt

Kingsley Shacklebolt is among one of the most interesting spreadings in the Harry Potter franchise business due to the fact that a comprehensive document of his look was never ever actually given up guides to begin with.

Nymphadora Tonks

There are lot of times in the Harry Potter publications at Tonks alters her look due to the fact that she is a Metamorphmagus. As such, JK Rowling doesn’t bother to give a detailed depiction of her ‘normal’ state, because there is no normal for her. She often has pink hair in the publications, but it is typically brownish in the films. She alters it a lot, along with her nose. In both versions, we see her pulling out all of the fan-favourite nose-types. The main difference is that she doesn’t pretend to be an old lady while accompanying the group to the Hogwarts Express.

The Longbottoms

As the Longbottoms aren’t actually in a fit state to interact a lot with their son, the only liberty we see their faces in the film is in a photo.

Neville Longbottom

Neville himself is a much more important character than his parents. He could easily have been the person Voldemort’s prophecy was referring to. The primary way Rowling described Neville was as ‘round-faced.’ This is undoubtedly true in the first few films, where Matthew Lewis was a rosy-cheeked child. She didn’t expect him to suddenly transform into a handsome young man who looked completely different from his childlike self. This development wasn’t mentioned in the books. He became an Auror for a few years before becoming a Herbology teacher.

Harry Potter

You might not now think of Harry as an Auror, but after finishing his time at Hogwarts, he grew Head Auror. In the book, Rowling described Harry as having green eyes and black hair, and of course, the lightning scar.

They couldn’t get a film without giving him the scar, and Daniel Radcliffe happened to have the perfect hair colour. However, his eyes are probably the biggest plot hole in the entire film series. Harry was supposed to have green eyes just like Lily, but for any reason, they gave Harry sad eyes and Lily brown eyes, making Snape’s entire sacrifice make no sense due to the fact that he didn’t have actually his mom’s eyes whatsoever!!

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