What’s Next For Joker After Justice League? Jared Leto’s Future Explained

Jared Leto returns as The Joker in Zack Snyder's Justice League – could he stay to stand for The Clown Prince of Crime in the DCEU's future?

Warning: Spoilers For Zack Snyder's Justice League

What does the future hold for Jared Leto's Joker after his search in Zack Snyder's Justice League? After an extensive 3 along with a half years from the presented cut's launch, the Snyder Cut has in fact finally debuted on HBO Max, with Snyder taking Leto's Clown Prince of Crime back in a new scene taped throughout the movie's additional electronic photography this previous fall. With both Leto's search in the movie, along with what the scene itself calls for, it boosts some big queries pertaining to where Leto's Joker can go from right below.

The scene includes conclusion of the movie, disclosing the Knightmare future in which Darkseid has in fact gotten rid of Earth along with brought Superman to his side with the Anti-Life Equation. With the support of Cyborg, The Flash, Mera, along with Deathstroke, Batman is developed to reverse this future, along with he furthermore establishes a demanding collaboration with none aside from Joker to accomplish the goal. Their enmity still remains to be strong, with Joker pushing Batman's switches his murder of Robin, along with Batman recommending him that “I will definitely f–king remove you,” per the diing need of Harley Quinn.

The scene do with the harmed Superman obtaining right here, making excellent on Snyder's assurance of a cliffhanger ending up (together with the modern Martian Manhunter scene that follows it), along with it's as clear a tease for the story to continue as there can possibly be. Nevertheless, it remains to be an open query pertaining to whether Snyder's desired five-movie arc will definitely be completed. Moreover, the Knightmare ending up furthermore asks the query of whether this is the last the world has in fact seen of Leto's Joker.

Snyder has in fact provided some details of what his approaches after Justice League would definitely resemble. As these approaches attach to The Joker, this would definitely have actually contained a Rashomon-affected Last Supper scene of Batman along with The Joker keeping in mind Robin's murder from differing point of views. Snyder has in fact furthermore pointed out The Joker's obligation in spoil the Knightmare requiring swiping a Mother Box in order to create the Cosmic Treadmill for The Flash to travel back in time on.

With each of this connecting right into Snyder's films, there's furthermore the problem of Ben Affleck's disposed of solo Batman movie, in which Deathstroke was to be the key crook. Being a Batman job, there's been no shortage of believing that Leto's Joker would definitely have furthermore turned up, nonetheless this has in fact never ever before been straight-out verified. With each of this with each various other, we presently have an excellent idea of where Leto's Joker can have been indicated to appear complying with in the DCEU. The query is whether any kind of among that will definitely happen.

As of ideal presently, there are no verified plan for Leto to stand for the Joker once more in the DCEU, neither for the remainder of Snyder's five-movie arc to be recovered. Then once more, it had actually not been that extensive ago that there were no plan for Zack Snyder's Justice League to be released, either. With Leto's Joker unexpectedly along for the trip, making history as the extremely initial Joker celebrity to play the obligation in various live-action flicks, along with the cliffhanger the movie upright, maybe finest not to totally erase future Joker performances by Leto now, specifically if Suicide Squad‘s Ayer Cut is furthermore released, which, currently, is not being thought of – nonetheless unknown individual factors have in fact happened.

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