Why Bruce Lee Created His Own Kung Fu Style

In the 1960s, Bruce Lee began a battling styles style called Jeet Kune Do. Here's why the celebrity was developed to create his really own type of Kung Fu.

In the 1960s, Bruce Lee created his really own style of Kung Fu called Jeet Kune Do, or “The Way of the Intercepting Fist”, in addition to there's a significant factor he established his really own style. Jeet Kune Do is significantly numerous from numerous other sorts of Kung Fu. Lee opened battling designs universities in addition to informed his tips to a range of students mosting likely to figure out, containing Hollywood stars like Steve McQueen in addition to James Coburn.

Primarily, Lee’s battling designs background was the Wing Chun style of Kung Fu. Due to constant fights with harasses, a teenager Lee was taken under the wing of Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man (that was infamously offered the movie theater by Donnie Yen in 4 Ip Man movies). Under Ip Man’s tutoring, Lee came to be an attained Wing Chun professional in addition to found out the style for countless years. Some time after making the transfer to the United States, Lee became developed to use his battling designs knowledge in addition to experience to advise others. But in contrast to expanding the ideas of Wing Chun, Lee established in addition to informed Jeet Kune Do.

(Original Caption) U.S.A.: Bruce Lee in Fists of Fury NGP-Film, 1972. Written as well as guided by Wei Lo. (Photo by George Rinhart/Corbis by means of Getty Images)

Bruce Lee’s demand to create Jeet Kune Do increased from a mix of tips he had worrying battling designs together with a range of issues he took with regular Kung Fu. After taking care of some problems in a fight Bruce Lee had with Kung Fu professional Wong Jack Man, Lee concerned acknowledge that there were some vital flaws in the ways he was taking care of. This produced Lee deciding that Wing Chun in addition to numerous other regular Kung Fu layouts were not ideal for roadway fighting. That’s why Lee sought to locate up with an additional reasonable ways of eliminating an opposition.

Lee truly felt that the aspect most sorts of Kung Fu don’t feature was related to their extensive in addition to stringent nature. Styles like those of the Five Animals, Southern Praying Mantis, Taijiquan, White Crane, in addition to even more are improved certain positions, actions, in addition to hand settings. Lee considered this to be a troublesome method since it restricted the professional in regards to just how he can reply to an assault. Lee believed that a fighter could do better if they opened themselves up to different ideas, and this was in stark contrast to just how the majority of Kung Fu schools operated.

This principle is based on the same concept expressed in Bruce Lee’s “be like water” quote. Lee designed Jeet Kune Do – which is even more of a martial arts philosophy than it is a style – so that its practitioners would be able to adapt to their opponents and counter any attack. Lee encouraged students to use all sorts of relocations when defending themselves, even if they came from outside of Kung Fu. Lee himself picked up concepts from observing fighter Muhammad Ali in addition to training with karate globe champ Chuck Norris. He after that integrated them right into his battling design. Today, Bruce Lee‘s Jeet Kune Do survives in addition to is still instructed by martial musicians around the world.

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