Why Doctor Strange Was So Weak At The Beginning of Infinity War

Doctor Strange mounted a remarkable fight versus Thanos throughout their battle in Titan, yet why was he so weak at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War?

Doctor Strange mounted a terrific fight versus Thanos in Titan, so why he seemed exceptionally weak at the start of Avengers: Infinity War? The future Sorcerer Supreme added in ultimately defeating the uncommon crook in Avengers: Endgame, as his tasks started the collection of celebrations that triggered the heroes' win 5 years later. However, when he at first appeared in Infinity War, it truly did not resemble he can a great deal, considering simply exactly how comfortably he was taped by Ebony Maw in New York.

Coming right into the fight versus Thanos, it had in fact merely been 2 years considered that Doctor Strange's really initial endeavor as Master of Mystic Arts. After continuing to be in a terrible accident that left him unable to return to his job as a neurosurgeon, he situated different other approaches to recoup his body, yet after learning sorcery can do a lot more than that, he changed programs as well as additionally became the awaited fan of the Ancient One following her death. It's uncertain what he was executing in both years considered that he combated Dormammu as well as additionally the affix on New York by the Black Order yet considering simply just how much of a quick pupil he continued to be in Doctor Strange, he appeared far more total as well as additionally educated in his second proper outing in the MCU.

That said, he appeared to have fluctuating powers in Infinity War. In the beginning, he was quickly ensnared by Maw, and additionally had it not been for Iron Man as well as Spider-Man, the Black Order member could've killed him. Eventually, when he finally faced Thanos in Titan, he held his ground pretty well — in fact, he put up arguably the best fight among everyone. He and Thor were the only ones who forced Thanos to use the Soul Stone, and Thor's moment of glory appeared to be largely the result of the Stormbreaker. Looking back at Infinity War, it's less that Doctor Strange had inconsistent power levels, but more that his circumstances in the film changed. Initially, his main goal was to keep the Time Stone safe, and as his primary source of power, he was willing to die for this goal. Thus, he was more careful and calculated with his moves, as he was afraid that it might get swiped up accidentally from him.

Later on in Titan, after he learned that the only way to succeed in their fight against Thanos was to be defeated first, he understood that he would have to intentionally give up the Time Stone. Without this huge burden lifted from his shoulders, he was able to freely take on the Mad Titan without overthinking the possibility of losing the Infinity Stone. In conjunction, knowing how things will pan out would've given him liberty to fight Thanos the same way he did Dormammu in Doctor Strange. Since the outcome of their one-on-one battle didn't matter in the grand scheme of things, he could do it without pressure.

In hindsight, Doctor Strange may have also used his time fighting Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War to practice some of his newly-learned skills that had yet to be put to practical use. So while he no longer has the Time Stone in the primary MCU timeline, he's more total to take on his upcoming adventures in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. And if he ever re-acquires his primary weapon in the sequel, he'll be all the much much more efficient.

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