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It is the fourth installment inside the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Directed by Patty Jenkins from a screenplay by Allan Heinberg and a story by Heinberg, Zack Snyder, and Jason Fuchs, Wonder Woman stars Gal Gadot inside the title perform, alongside Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, Connie Nielsen, and Elena Anaya. It is the second reside movement theatrical film that includes Wonder Woman following her debut in 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In Wonder Woman, the Amazon princess Diana items out to stop World War I, believing the battle was began by the longtime enemy of the Amazons, Ares, after American pilot and spy Steve Trevor crash-lands on their island Themyscira and informs her about it.

Development of a live-action Wonder Woman movie began in 1996, with Ivan Reitman to produce and doubtless direct. The enterprise floundered in enchancment hell for a few years; Jon Cohen, Todd Alcott, and Joss Whedon, amongst others, have been moreover linked to the enterprise at diversified components. Warner Bros. launched the film in 2010 and Jenkins signed on to direct in 2015. Inspiration for Wonder Woman was drawn from Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston's 1940s tales and George Pérez's 1980s tales about Wonder Woman, along with the New 52 incarnation of the character. Principal pictures began on November 21, 2015, with filming happening within the United Kingdom, France, and Italy earlier than ending on May 6, 2016, the 123rd anniversary of Marston's begin. Additional filming occurred in November 2016.

Wonder Woman had its world premiere in Shanghai on May 15, 2017, and was launched within the United States on June 2, 2017, in 4DX, RealD 3D, and IMAX 3D by Warner Bros. Pictures. The film acquired largely optimistic opinions, with a reward for its route, showing, visuals, motion sequences, and musical rankings. However, it moreover acquired criticism for the primary villain and the climax. It grossed over $821 million worldwide, making it the tenth highest-grossing film of 2017 along with the highest-grossing film by a solo female director.}The American Film Institute selected it as one of many excessive 10 films of 2017. A sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, is scheduled to be launched on October 2, 2020, with Jenkins returning as director, and Gadot and Pine reprising their roles.


In present-day Paris, Diana Prince receives a photographic plate from Wayne Enterprises (accompanied by a letter from Bruce Wayne) of herself and 4 males taken throughout World War I, prompting her to recall her earlier. The daughter of Queen Hippolyta, Diana is raised on the hidden island of Themyscira, home to the Amazons, women warriors created by Zeus to protect mankind. Hippolyta explains their historical past to Diana, along with how Ares turned jealous of humanity and orchestrated its destruction. When the opposite gods tried to stop him, Ares killed all nevertheless Zeus, who used the ultimate of his power to wound Ares and energy his retreat. Before dying, Zeus left the Amazons a weapon, the “Godkiller”, to arrange them for Ares's return. Hippolyta reluctantly agrees to let her sister, General Antiope, prepare Diana as a warrior.

In 1918, Diana, now a younger girl, rescues US pilot Captain Steve Trevor when his airplane crashes off the Themysciran coast. The island is shortly invaded by German troopers, who had been pursuing Steve. The Amazons kill the crew, nevertheless, Antiope sacrifices herself to keep away from losing Diana. Steve is interrogated with the Lasso of Hestia and divulges that an unbelievable battle is consuming the floor world and that he is an Allied spy. He has stolen a pocketbook from the Germans' chief chemist, Dr. Isabel Maru, who's attempting to engineer a deadlier type of mustard gasoline under the orders of General Erich Ludendorff. Believing Ares to be accountable for the battle, Diana arms herself with the “Godkiller” sword, the lasso, and armour sooner than leaving Themyscira with Steve to search out and stop Ares for good.

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In London, they ship Maru's pocketbook to the Supreme War Council, the place Sir Patrick Morgan is trying to barter an armistice with Germany. Diana interprets Maru's notes, revealing that the Germans plan to launch the lethal gasoline on the Western Front. Although forbidden by his commander to behave, Steve, with secret funding from Morgan, recruits Moroccan spy Sameer, Scottish marksman Charlie, and Native American smuggler Chief Napi to assist forestall the gasoline from being launched. The workforce reaches the doorway in Belgium. Diana goes alone by way of No Man's Land and captures the enemy trench, liberating the shut by village of Veld with help from the Allied forces. The workforce briefly celebrates, taking {{a photograph}} inside the village, the place Diana and Steve fall in love.

The workforce learns {{that a}} gala might be held on the shut by German High Command. Steve and Diana individually infiltrate the celebration; Steve intends to search out the gasoline and destroy it, and Diana hopes to kill Ludendorff, believing that he is Ares. Steve stops her to keep away from jeopardizing his mission, nevertheless, this enables Ludendorff to unleash the gasoline on Veld, killing its inhabitants. Blaming Steve for intervening, Diana pursues Ludendorff to a base the place the gasoline is being loaded proper right into a bomber airplane certain for London. Diana fights and kills him, nevertheless is confused and disillusioned when his demise does not stop the battle.

Morgan seems and divulges himself as Ares. He tells Diana that although he has subtly given individuals ideas and inspirations, it is, in the long run, their option to resort to violence, as they're inherently corrupt. When Diana makes an try and kill Ares with the “Godkiller” sword, he destroys it, telling Diana that because the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta she herself is the “Godkiller”. He fails to affect Diana to assist him destroy mankind as a way to restore paradise on Earth. While the two battle, Steve's group destroys Maru's laboratory. Steve hijacks and pilots the bomber carrying the poison to a protected altitude and detonates it, blowing up the airplane and himself. Ares makes an try and direct Diana's rage and grief at Steve's demise by convincing her to kill Maru, however the recollections of her experiences with Steve set off her to understand that folks have good inside them. She spares Maru and redirects Ares's lightning into him, killing him for good. Later, the workforce celebrates the tip of the battle.

In the current day, Diana sends an e-mail to Bruce Wayne thanking him for the photographic plate of her and Steve. She continues to wrestle on the world's behalf as Wonder Woman, understanding that solely love can actually save the world.


  • Gal Gadot as Diana:
  • An immortal Amazon warrior goddess who's the crown princess of Themyscira and the daughter of Queen Hippolyta and Zeus given to the Amazons to raise.[11] Describing Wonder Woman and her attraction, Gadot said “She's relatable. She has the heart of a human and is very compassionate, but her experiences—or lack of them, her naivete, really—make her interested in everything around her and able to view the world in a way that we'd all like to: with genuine curiosity.” On Diana's relationship along with her mother, Gadot said “Diana is a very opinionated girl. Her mother is very opinionated. Her mother is very protective as well, and they have, you know, the very natural clash that a mother has with her daughter, with their daughters, the first time they want to leave home.” On taking over the perform as Wonder Woman, Gadot said “I feel very privileged that I got the opportunity to portray such an iconic, strong female character. I adore this character and everything that she stands for and everything that she symbolizes.” On Diana going to the world, Gadot acknowledged “When Diana comes to the real world she's completely oblivious about gender and society rules, that women are not equal to men.” Describing Diana's relationship along with her mother and aunts, Jenkins said “She is the only child they raised together. And their love for her manifests in a different way for each of them.” On working with Gadot, Jenkins said “Gal quickly became the person I wanted to talk to about everything. We'd shoot together all day. And then on weekends, we'd be like, ‘What do you want to do?' That's maybe not totally normal.”
  • Emily Carey as 12-year-old Diana
  • Lilly Aspell as 8-year-old Diana
  • Chris Pine as Capt. Steve Trevor:
  • An American pilot and the love curiosity of Diana. On his perform for the film, Pine said “I am an American pilot who's a spy. It's like a boy's dream: You're either a spy or a fighter pilot. The first thing I wanted to be was a fighter pilot a long time ago. I wanted to be Goose [from Top Gun]”. As to how his mortal character would work along with an Amazon, Pine acknowledged “When I first read the script, it had elements of Romancing the Stone, kind of a very classic fish out of water. Two people that don't really bond well at first and they're butting heads and just fun, witty banter”. When speaking about meeting the director and being cast, Pine said “Patty is a pretty incredible human being. When we first met about the part of Steve, she sat across from me and essentially acted out the entire film over the course of a two-hour lunch. She was so specific, so articulate, and so ardent. I would've said yes just for Patty alone.” Pine went by way of an train routine for the film, commenting, “I got in incredible shape for this film” but additionally joking “I was also wearing about 75 pounds of clothing. What I realized is that I made a major mistake, I got in great shape and they just put clothes over all my hard work.”
  • Robin Wright as Antiope:
  • The sister of Hippolyta, fundamental of the Amazonian army, Diana's aunt and mentor. On being cast for the film, Wright said “It's two-fold because when Patty Jenkins called me, the director, it was a three-minute-long conversation. She said ‘I'm doing a movie about Wonder Woman. Do you want to be her trainer?' And I was like, ‘Yes. Of course.' And the general of the Amazonian army. That was pretty cool.” Describing her character mentoring and training Diana to be a warrior, Wright said “It's a sixth sense that it is coming and I think that's also in the mythological story behind Antiope and Queen Hippolyta. They know it's coming and it's her duty as the aunt to her young niece to make sure she is the fiercest warrior of all time.” On the Amazons combating style, Wright said “It's hand combat. Yes, swords and knives and arrows, but the precision that they have, right, as these warrior women; it's so nice to see that disparity between what we had in the day of just raw fighting materials and the guns and how easy that is in comparison.” The message of the film, Wright acknowledged “is not just female empowerment. It's about love and justice. That's what the film's about. And what a great message to spread to our little ones.” Commenting about teaching for the film, Wright said “The most empowering was to get into that physical shape. So we were doing horseback riding training, weight training, martial arts, and 2,000 to 3,000 calories a day”.
  • Danny Huston as Erich Ludendorff:
  • An iron-fisted fundamental of the German Army throughout World War I. Huston described Ludendorff as a “pragmatist, realist, patriotic, fighting for his country”, additional explaining, “he lost his son on the German front lines and was just quite tortured, diabolical, stubborn and believes that what he's doing is for the betterment of mankind.” On his character, Huston said, “Ludendorff is a believer that war is a natural habitat for humans.” Huston acknowledged the film as an anti-war film and “somebody like Ludendorff would probably think that the idea that love conquers all is quite a naive concept. But finally, it's true and sometimes the best way to examine mankind is from another perspective.” On the type of the film, Huston said “It's Greek mythology. It's the origin of the story and sometimes we need demigods to look at us to understand what our weaknesses are. It serves the mythological world.”
  • David Thewlis as Sir Patrick Morgan / Ares:
  • Diana's treacherous paternal half-brother, primarily based totally on the Greek mythological god of battle, who masquerades as a speaker for peace on the Imperial War Cabinet as part of his deceptive grasp plan of conquest and destruction. Describing the Sir Patrick persona of his character, Thewlis said “Sir Patrick's entire drive through the other half of the story is to bring about the armistice. That's his whole intention no matter what's going on. He meets Diana and sees in her somebody who is sympathetic to his cause, quite vehemently so.”
  • Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta:
  • The Amazon Queen of Themyscira and Diana's mother. After meeting the director for the perform, Nielsen said “Patty and I met in London, and we just hit it off from the get-go. We couldn't stop talking. What was supposed to be a one-hour meeting turned into a two-and-a-half-hour lunch and we just really got each other.” She described Jenkins's directing style for the film as “She's also the kind of director that I really flourish under. She has very strong and particular and specific ideas about what it is she wants to say. She comes from a place of strength always. And so, when you are dealing with someone like that, you feel absolutely free to be vulnerable, to be creative, and I am a big researcher.” On having fun with the character, Nielsen said “It was a complete and utter pleasure and I absolutely loved every second of playing her.” On her character being Diana's mother and Amazonian queen, Nielsen acknowledged “I'm a queen and I'm preparing my child for a world that entails a lot of responsibility. So it was important to me to bring that into the character.” She learns The Amazons by Adrienne Mayor to familiarize herself with women' warriors and said “I used what I learned in Mayor's book as a rallying cry for how I approached Hippolyta. And then, of course, what is a leader who is elected by her peers every year and has been doing this for a thousand years? That too was interesting to think about”. Nielsen went by way of an train routine for the film, saying “I did six hours a day. You know, two hours of weight training, two hours of swords training, and then two hours of horseback riding”. Producer Zack Snyder was the one who fought for Nielsen to get cast after Charlize Theron turned down the perform.
  • Elena Anaya as Dr. Isabel Maru / Doctor Poison:
  • The chief chemist associated to General Ludendorff who focuses on chemistry and poisons. On her perform, Anaya said “Well, it was a small role in this big ensemble, but it is an important character in the story. I'm going to be a big nightmare” for Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. Describing her character, Anaya said “Dr. Maru loves rage and enjoys people's pain. She's creating terrible weapons, and her purpose in life is to kill as many people as possible, and provoke as much pain as possible”. She researched World War I and Fritz Haber, the scientist who created mustard gasoline, to rearrange for the perform. On the character's facial scars, Anaya acknowledged “I went to Patty Jenkins and asked ‘What happened to her?' And she said ‘She did it on purpose.' I was like, ‘What? Patty, you're going further than I ever imagined.' She said ‘She wants to provoke painful suffering, so she tested her own gas on her own face. She wanted to know how deep this form of her gas would go, so she put it on her own face.' You can see half of her face is completely gone. This is the sadistic side of Dr. Maru”. She moreover acknowledged her character “is quite the opposite to the lead role of this movie, one of the strongest characters ever of DC comics, Wonder Woman. I can tell you that Doctor Poison is someone with a capacity to provoke so much pain.” On Dr. Maru's relationship with General Ludendorff, Anaya said “I think that they have a relationship based on loyalty. Ludendorff is a very tormented General that lacks self-confidence. That's why, in part, he takes these drugs that Dr. Poison gives him. They are from different worlds, but they complement each other”.
  • Lucy Davis as Etta Candy:
  • Steve Trevor's secretary who befriends Diana. Describing her character, Davis said “She's a woman in a man's world and so being heard and seen aren't the easiest things, but it kind of doesn't deter her”, together with, “Etta is unapologetically herself and I think that that's the thing that has drawn me to her the most”. When requested if she was beforehand conversant within the character, Davis responded, “No. I wasn't. It took me a while to know that I was auditioning for Etta because even when I found out it was Wonder Woman, I still had no idea what the role was. It took a little while then I Googled the character”. On Etta Candy's relationship with Steve Trevor, Davis said “One of the great things that Etta gets to work with Steve Trevor is because Steve is not your typical man, in that he does entrust her with things that in 1918 probably wouldn't have been entrusted to a secretary of somebody who is quite important”, extra explaining, “So I think that [Trevor] needs her just as much as she needs that because now she's been given responsibility that she wouldn't have normally be given before, and equally he has somebody who could probably fly under the radar a bit. So he can trust the person who no one's really looking at”.
  • Saïd Taghmaoui as Sameer:
  • An spy and ally of Steve Trevor. On his casting, Taghmaoui acknowledged “I was among hundreds of potential candidates, and I slowly became the favourite”, together with, “It wasn't easy. It took me three months. [I'll have to go through] extensive physical training.”
  • Ewen Bremner as Charlie:
  • A sharpshooter and ally of Steve Trevor. On his perform, Bremner said, “I play a character who's enlisted by Wonder Woman to help save the world as part of a small, unlikely band”. Describing his character, Bremner acknowledged “He's a shellshocked soldier who's been discharged from the war and is brought back to help on a secret mission”. On working with Jenkins, Bremner commented, “Patty Jenkins is a force of nature. She has fantastic vision, strength and enthusiasm, which is completely infectious and motivates a cast and crew of thousands to really go beyond themselves.”
  • Eugene Brave Rock as Chief Napi:
  • A Blackfoot demi-god, and a smuggler who trades with both aspect of the battle and is conscious of how one can get people all through the doorway strains. On his casting, Brave Rock said “I had no idea it was for Wonder Woman. I lost it when I showed up and I couldn't remember my lines. I didn't take it literally until a month later, I got a call saying I got the role and they wanted me to fly to London for a fitting.” Brave Rock raised plenty of issues with Jenkins over the illustration of the character within the film, considerably that he was not comfortable having fun with into stereotypes and that he was not keen on his character being merely usually referred to as “Chief”. Jenkins responded by giving him some additional creative management over his character which Brave Rock says was “unprecedented”.
  • Lisa Loven Kongsli as Menalippe:
  • Antiope's lieutenant and Diana's aunt. Describing her character, Kongsli mentioned “Menalippe is a fearless warrior with a strong justice needs. She lives with the other Amazons on the island Themyscira and exercising continuous battle to assist man in the fight for the good.” On filming, Kongsli said “It's a blast. I've worked damn hard to make this happen, so it's absolutely absurd and fun all at once.”
  • Additionally, Mayling Ng, Florence Kasumba, Madeleine Vall Beijner, Hayley Jane Warnes and Ann Wolfe portray Orana, Acantha, Egeria, Aella and Artemis, respectively, all of whom are Amazons. James Cosmo appears as Douglas Haig, Steffan Rhodri appears as Darnell, and Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes portrays the Amazon Venezia. Samantha Jo was cast as a result of the Amazonian Euboea, and beforehand performed the Kryptonian, Car-Vex, in Man of Steel. Zack Snyder moreover makes a brief cameo look inside the movie as an unnamed soldier.


In 2010, Warner Bros. said {{that a}} Wonder Woman film was in enchancment, along with films primarily based on DC Comics superheroes the Flash and Aquaman. Both Wonder Woman and Aquaman had been nonetheless into consideration for solo film subjects as of June 2013. DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson said Wonder Woman “has been, since I started, one of the top three priorities for DC and for Warner Bros. We are still trying right now, but she's tricky.” On October 5, 2013, WB chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara said he wished to get Wonder Woman in a film or on TV. Shortly afterward, Paul Feig said he had pitched the studio a thought for Wonder Woman as an action-comedy film. The studio then started to hunt for feminine directors to direct the film. While Michelle MacLaren was the studio's preliminary choice to direct (and whereas she initially indicated curiosity), she lastly left the enterprise attributable to creative variations.

In 2015, Patty Jenkins accepted a proposal to direct Wonder Woman, primarily based totally on a screenplay by Allan Heinberg and a story co-written by Heinberg, Zack Snyder, Geoff Johns and Jason Fuchs. Of this mannequin, Gadot acknowledged that,

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for a really very long time, people didn't know how one can technique the story. When Patty and I had our creative conversations in regards to the character, we realized that Diana can nonetheless be a typical girl, one with very extreme values, nevertheless nonetheless a woman. She could also be delicate. She is smart and neutral and emotional. She could also be confused. She can lose her confidence. She can have religion. She is all of the items. She has a human coronary coronary heart.

This mannequin was conceived of as a prequel to the primary live-action, the theatrical look of Wonder Woman, inside the 2016 film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, placing Wonder Woman inside the 1910s and World War I (a name which differs from her comic e-book origins as a supporter of the Allies all through World War II). As for story enchancment, Jenkins credit score the tales by the character's creator William Moulton Marston inside the 1940s and George Perez's seminal tales inside the 1980s through which he modernized the character. In addition, it follows some sides of DC Comics' origin changes in The New 52 reboot, the place Diana is the daughter of Zeus. Jenkins cited Richard Donner's Superman as an inspiration.

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