Zack Snyder’s Justice League: All Endings, Cliffhangers; Setup Explained

Zack Snyde'rs Justice League is a huge 4-hour movie with countless ends, cliffhangers, along with established for flicks ended years back. Here's what it recommends.

Zack Snyder's Justice League offers Snyder's first vision for the DCEU to HBO Max, including countless ends, bringing a close to some tales along with teasing plan for others that have really time out of mind been deserted. While the basic tale suggestions look like the 2017 organized cut of Justice League, a numerous opening, many different ends, along with great deals of included individuality improvement make it a plainly different experience than Joss Whedon's variant.

The four-hour movie is 2 times as extensive as the 2017 organized cut along with consists of an aesthetic overhaul, a new Junkie XL ranking, recouped individuality arcs, a different format for Steppenwolf, along with the removal of countless characters, including crooks like Darkseid along with DeSaad, plus the improvement of Jared Leto's Joker.

These new improvements all total up to an all brand-new experience, broadening countless characters along with story arcs along with resolving some considerable strings started in Man of Steel along with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, all while developing a selection of long-since ended jobs from Snyder's first DCEU technique. Here's what whatever approaches.

Family has really been a considerable concept with all the DC movies, yet particularly Snyder's flicks. Man of Steel involved papas, with Clark torn in between 2 worlds along with 2 papas, while Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice concerns mamas, completing in Batman's identifying Superman's the human race upon hearing Clark call out for Martha, starting his really own program to redemption, so it's simply appropriate that Zack Snyder's Justice League would absolutely bring the team in addition to designs of house lost along with house found.

Batman lost his mother and fathers as well as his followed boy, Flash shed his mommy as well as his daddy is unjustly sent to prison, Diana is divided from her mommy as well as siblings, Aquaman is divided in between 2 individuals as well as dislikes his mommy, as well as Cyborg's arc brings everything residence with the popular tale of the loss of his mommy as well as daddy. Of program, while Superman is missing out on from the very first fifty percent of the film, yet when he returns he's rejoined with Lois, that's mosting likely to be his spouse (as well as is possibly expecting with his youngster), as well as we obtain discussion of Jonathan Kent as well as Jor-El informing him to like the globe as his moms and papas liked him.

Cyborg's being rejected of the lures of the Mother Box is a significant action in recuperating from the pain of his losses. He understands his moms as well as dads along with his body are gone as well as he can not have them back. But that does not suggest he's busted or alone. All the League discovers this somehow, yet it's Victor's tale that offers this throughline for the film as he involves forgive as well as approve Silas, his father twice over as both his biological father and the creator of Cyborg. Likewise, Bruce, the most troubled of all the heroes may have found some semblance of peace. He forms the Justice League, then gets to hear Martian Manhunter tell him his parents would be proud.

Of course, these themes are sharply contrasted against Steppenwolf, Darkseid, and the other New Gods. Steppenwolf's goal is simple: he wants to go home. After a past betrayal, he's been working to gain back the approval of Darkseid, and conquering Earth seems to be his chance to do it. Unfortunately, the acceptance the Justice League has for each other is not shared by the family from Apokolips. When Wonder Woman severs Steppenwolf's head and it flies through the Boom Tube, Darkseid crushes it beneath his boot as DeSaad expresses his lack of surprise in Steppenwolf's failure.

One of the greatest strengths of Zack Snyder's Justice League is the way it gives a purpose to each character and their skill set, tying their character arcs directly into the way the team wins in the end, and this is especially true of Cyborg and Flash. Cyborg needs to disrupt the Unity from the inside, but he can't do it without a supercharge from Flash. Wonder Woman and Aquaman keep Steppenwolf away from Cyborg, and Batman provides cover outside the tower, keeping the parademons busy.

Obviously, Superman is instrumental in beating down Steppenwolf, but also once Cyborg breaks up the Unity, his strength is also essential in separating the Mother Boxes for good. And, of course, none of this is even possible if it weren't for Flash's rule-breaking lightspeed run to turn back the clock and literally bring the whole League back from the dead.

Thanks to this valiant teamwork, Steppenwolf is dispatched, and Darkseid's invasion is stopped for now, but his hunt for Anti-Life is far from over. After the Boom Tube closes he tells Desaad to ready his armada so they can “use the old ways.” So, while the Earth is temporarily secure, Darkseid is bringing the full wrath of the New Gods down on Earth and the newly formed Justice League.

Zack Snyder's Justice League brings together Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg to form the first iteration of the Justice League, but the team is already growing and additional members have been teased. Wayne Manor is being restored to serve as the Hall of Justice, where Bruce says there's “room for more.”

One of the biggest surprises of the Snyder Cut was the significance of Ryan Choi's role as Star Labs' Director of Nanotechnology. Serving as Silas Stone's right-hand man throughout, he even gets his own conclusion scene, teasing his future as head of STAR Labs, and potentially a future with the Justice League where Ryan Choi can become The Atom.

Martian Manhunter also approaches Bruce to offer his services when it's time to defend the Earth, and the Knightmare even teases Killowag, meaning at least one Green Lantern could join them in the future. The ever-present tease of Supergirl from the empty creche on the Scout Ship, starting way back in Man of Steel, also can't be ignored.

While Zack Snyder's Justice League brings the team together and resolves the immediate threat of Steppenwolf, it's just as much a setup for the next stage of the DC Universe, or at least what would have been the next stage in 2017. While these exact character continuations may never happen, the set-up is still core to the character arcs in the movie.

For Wonder Woman, she's been separated from her people for a hundred years and also kept herself separate from humanity. After she stands side at the center of DC's trinity in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Zack Snyder's Justice League continues her path of reconnection, even using her experiences to encourage Cyborg to reform his connection to the world. The movie ends with her returning to the shrine of the Amazons, Arrow of Artemis in hand, seeking the means by which to reunite with her mother and sisters on Themyscira. This may have been set-up for a different version of Wonder Woman 2, before Wonder Woman 1984. Who knows where Wonder Woman will go next, but with her future stories not yet told, this could still be in the cards for Wonder Woman 3.

Flash's quest to reunite with his father by clearing his name of the murder of his wife, and Flash takes a major step forward when he gets his foot in the door with a job at a crime lab. We know The Flash movie will be influenced by Flashpoint, where Barry actually goes back in time to save his mother. While the movie seems to be drastically different than the one being planned by Rick Famuyiwa while Justice League was in production back in 2017, but the plot could still connect to Flash's arc through Zack Snyder's Justice League.

Aquaman doesn't have any personal connections, he rejects his Atlantean heritage, and he's been roaming the world alone for some time, but the movie sees him picking up his mother's trident to fulfill her responsibility to recover the Atlantean Mother Box, and ends with him heading off to see his dad. While Aquaman changes a number of minor things from the Snyder Cut, such as Mera's accent and the fate of her parents, the story was somewhat intended to pick up Arthur's story after this point.

Batman has come a long way from trying to kill Superman, and forming the team and acting on his faith in Superman's return is evidence of this. The movie shows him on his War Machine tank after apparently rounding up and tying up a gang of criminals – a noted departure from his more brutal approach in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Superman's ending shows him returned to the Clark Kent persona including a classic shirt rip to reveal he's still wearing the black suit. While he's clearly embraced his role as Superman, the black suit shows he may not yet fully approve his role as a symbol for the world, as Snyder has previously specified the black suit was a more casual or personal suit for Kryptonians while the colorful suit was ceremonial or public-facing. Superman's arc in Snyder's movies was to be fully actualized at a later point, at which time he'd return to the blue as well as red version.

Cyborg was long heralded as the heart of the movie, as well as it really shows. The entire closing voiceover from Silas Stone is a message to Cyborg about embracing his role as a hero, although it clearly applies to the rest of the league as well, encouraging him to stand, fight, discover, heal, love, and win. Cyborg also reassembled the tape recorder with Silas' message, displaying a new level of control over his powers that we know was set to eventually evolve him into DC's most powerful hero behind only Doctor Manhattan if Snyder's arc were fully realized.

Henry Cavill's Superman has had a distressed arc in the DCEU, both in the in-universe story arc and in the real world. While Man of Steel was largely positively received, criticism of Snyder's tone and deconstructionist approach to Superman complied with the movie for years, and with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice doubling down on those issues, Henry Cavill had a lot of baggage going into Justice League. So, naturally, when the Joss Whedon reshoots stripped away his character development and gave him a highly memed CGI upper lip and the movie bombed, his future as Superman was on the ropes. It's still not clear what's in store for him next, if anything, but Zack Snyder's Justice League leaves him in a much better place, continuing his growth into the version of Superman audiences have wanted to see.

Snyder's Superman was always conflicted and unsure of how to use his powers or what role he played in the world. As Jonathan Kent told him, he was sent for a reason, he just needed to find what that reason was. After falling prey to Lex Luthor's machinations in Batman v Superman and facing off with a fallen Dark Knight, the Last Son of Krypton embraced the world as his own and gave himself up to defeat Doomsday. While he's not in the first half of the Snyder Cut, his presence (or lack thereof) is foundational to the story.

Zack Snyder always said the Justice League is a top-down affair and he had to get Superman's house in order first for it to work. This is shown through Jor-El's famous speech “will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun, Kal. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders.” When Zack Snyder's Justice League starts, the world is without Superman and Bruce Wayne is scouring the Earth for metahumans who will join him to fend off the invasion he believes is coming. He knows the Earth needs to be defended, but he's also seeking redemption, inspired by Superman's sacrifice. After Batman tried to kill Superman while spouting lines like “even if there's only a 1% chance, we have to take it as an absolute certainty” to justify his uncompromising brutality, seeing him say “faith, Alfred. Faith.” when he's asked how he knows Superman will come to their aid truly shows the impact Superman's sacrifice had on him.

Cyborg's Superman influence was less overt, but the alternating parallels and contrasting plot beats between Victor and Silas Stone and Clark and Jonathan Kent can't be ignored. Cyborg most of all stands as a testament to the kind of superhero that will follow in Superman's footsteps.

Knowing the impact of Superman's loss makes his return all the more satisfying, especially when Jor-El and Jonathan Kent deliver voiceover lines telling him it's time to embrace his role as a hero. While not all viewers were on-board with Snyder's interpretation of Superman to this point, this new step in his journey brings him even more in-line with the characterization his critics have been demanding, only now that Superman had to take a journey to get there, his heroism shines even brighter because we've seen him grow and go through darkness and come out the other side to embrace his role in the world.

Lex Luthor and Deathstroke share a short scene that had been repurposed and used as a post-credits scene in the theatrical cut of Justice League, but here it bears a very different context. Lex Luthor is revealed to have escaped from Arkham and meets Deathstroke on a yacht where it's revealed Deathstroke is willing to kill Batman for free to settle a score.

After his humiliation at the hands of Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Lex holds a grudge and wants to destroy Batman's life, so he tells Deathstroke Batman's biggest secret: his real name is Bruce Wayne. We know Ben Affleck's now-canceled Batman solo movie was supposed to show Deathstroke systematically dismantling Bruce Wayne's life, and knowing his secret identity would be a clear first step to accomplishing that.

The big omega symbol in the ground in the Batman v Superman Knightmare indicates the apocalyptic future is a consequence of Darkseid's invasion, so defeating Steppenwolf and preventing the Mother Boxes from forming the Unity would logically prevent the Knightmare from happening, but the Snyder Cut's Knightmare scenes indicate it's not that simple.

The first warning that the Earth was still headed for peril was in Cyborg's Knightmare vision before resurrecting Superman. The Scout Ship's Carla Gugino voiced computer expressed fear over waking the Mother Box and warned him not to proceed. After the box is activated, he sees an image of the Mother Boxes scorching the Earth followed by an image of Superman holding the charred body of Lois Lane as Darkseid stands over him followed by glimpses of a future where Darkseid rules the world, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are dead, and the Hall of Justice is destroyed. When the vision is over, the scout ship's computer utters an ominous homage to Excalibur: “the future has taken root in the present.”

The movie ends with another Knightmare scene, only this one appears to take place prior to the events of the first Knightmare scene from Batman v Superman. Batman's team includes Cyborg, Flash, and Mera, along with a questionable alliance from Joker. Joker gives Batman a joker card as a sign of a truce, and since that card is seen taped to the butt of Batman's gun in the Batman v Superman Knightmare, we can assume this happens prior to that. We know from other comments from Snyder that Joker might help steal a Mother Box to help build Flash's Cosmic Treadmill, which is used to time travel to try and prevent the death of Lois Lane. However, the torn Joker card and dead heroes depicted in Cyborg's earlier vision suggests this plan doesn't go well in at least one possible timeline. In this particular moment, Superman drops down to face the League, but just as his eyes glow red, Bruce Wayne wakes up, indicating it was a dream.

However, just like in Batman v Superman, it's not clear how much of this dream is a vision vs a full glimpse into the future, a likely intentional question as the full nature of the Knightmare future gets clearer. The fact that Martian Manhunter has telepathic abilities and Martha Kent's eyes glowed red as it's revealed she was actually J'onn J'onzz will surely cause speculation around Superman's glowing red eyes at the end of this scene before Bruce jerks awake as well. It took several years for Snyder to reveal answers to the Batman v Superman Knightmare, so knowing what's truly going on here could take a while.

The common thread in the many endings in Zack Snyder's Justice League is that they're almost all teasing the beginning of something new. While that may have been more of a thrill in 2017, in 2021 some of it feels like a memorial to DC's cinematic planss of the past. The Batman is now directed by Matt Reeves, not Ben Affleck, and isn't even part of the main DCEU continuity. Affleck himself is returning to the role in The Flash, although early reports say the movie will explain the actor's departure from the DCEU. Aquaman and Wonder Woman 1984 are already at odds with the Snyder Cut's continuity. The Flash is the only film on the schedule from the original DCEU plan, although it's undergone countless rewrites and Ray Fisher at odds with Warner Bros. and has been removed from the role of Cyborg.

DC executives reportedly say the Snyder Cut is a dead-end story and Snyder himself says WB doesn't want any sequels, so it may seem odd to end the movie with so many teases for long-canceled projects, but considering the fundamental nature of the Snyder Cut, altering the story to give more finality would certainly be contrary to the principle of restoring Snyder's original vision for the movie.

The movie's positive reception along with budding campaign to #RestoreTheSnyderverse are certainly a sign that there's some level of demand just as there was for the Snyder Cut, as well as the mere existence of Zack Snyder's Justice League is evidence enough to never say never, however, too many stars need to align to even get Zack Snyder's Justice League 2 into consideration to consider it anything various various other than a long shot (not to mention any of the various various other films from the original strategy). Then once again, we stay in a culture where the Snyder Cut was just introduced.

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