Darth Vader’s New Droid is The Key To Anakin’s Story

Darth Vader’s New Droid is The Key To Anakin’s Story

Zed Six Seven is a knowledge retrieval and assortment droid who’s reprogrammed by Darth Vader to assist him discover his son, Luke Skywalker.

Warning! Spoilers for Star Wars: Darth Vader #1

Some of the iconic moments in Star Wars historical past is the ultimate face-off between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Again. Vader cuts Luke’s hand off and divulges that he’s his father. We all know how the remainder of the story goes from Luke’s perspective, however what occurred with Vader after the encounter?

In Star Wars: Darth Vader #1 by Greg Pak, Raffaele Ienco, Neeraj Menon and In-Hyuk Lee, Vader’s perspective after the combat is revealed. Vader instantly begins the seek for Luke with the assistance of a model new character to Star Wars canon: Forensics droid Zed Six Seven.

After the mission, Vader approaches Zed Six Seven and reprograms him by adjusting his motivator. Vader tells the droid “for those who ever reveal what you study on this mission… you’d self-destruct.” Zed Six Seven instantly will get to work on discovering the whereabouts of Luke. Vader intends on monitoring down everybody who hid his son from him and destroying them. Zed Six Seven pinpoints Tatooine as a spot to research. Vader heads to Luke’s childhood residence.

Vader walks by means of his outdated residence and is reminded of his childhood and his step-father Cliegg Lars and step-mother Shimi Skywalker. His half-brother Owen Lars and his spouse Beru Whitesun adopted and raised Luke in the identical location. As Vader remembers previous recollections, Zed Six Seven finds information indicating Shimi was killed by Tuskens and Cliegg died quickly afterward. The story flashes again to Anakin telling Padme he killed the Tusken’s “like animals,” whereas she pleads with him to go away the whole lot else and lift their baby. Anakin is extra targeted on overthrowing the chancellor and ruling the galaxy. Anakin is proven making a promise to his mother that “I will not fail once more.” Within the current, Vader hacks down a hostile ship and it is passengers.

Vader and Zed Six Seven journey to Coruscant to Padme’s outdated condominium which has been sealed off since her loss of life. As Vader tries to realize extra details about Luke, Zed Six Seven tells him safety recordings after her loss of life was lacking. Looking the condominium results in an intriguing, seemingly not possible discovery.

Zed Six Seven supplies some comedian reduction however is definitely genuinely helpful in offering info to Vader on the whereabouts of his son. After encountering Luke, Vader has discovered fairly a bit about what occurred to his secret baby. Zed Six Seven helps him and is likely to be the important thing to the Sith studying what occurred – it is too dangerous Darth Vader has programmed it to self-destruct is it reveals the mission to anybody – I would not get too hooked up to the brand new droid.

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