Gwen Stacy Is Teaming Up With The Original X-Men

Gwen Stacy Is Teaming Up With The Authentic X-Males

Marvel Comics has teased essentially the most sudden superhero team-up of all – an alliance between Gwen Stacy and the unique X-Males heroes!

Marvel Comics is teaming up Gwen Stacy and the unique X-Males. Jonathan Hickman’s X-Males relaunch has been an incredible success, and in consequence X-Males characters are beginning to pop up in essentially the most unlikely of locations. Say, for instance, in Christos Gage and Todd Nauck’s Gwen Stacy #4.

For the report, that is the story of Gwen Stacy earlier than she met Spider-Man. It is apparently an origin story for the 616 model of the character, the one who did not get bitten by a radioactive spider and reworked into Ghost Spider, however as a substitute was killed by the Inexperienced Goblin. Gwen Stacy is seemingly within the model of Veronica Mars, a mix of light-hearted enjoyable and harmful, terrifyingly critical plot twists. Gwen will even get caught up within the machinations of the Inexperienced Goblin and the Crime Grasp. And it turns on the market’s one other, much more sudden twist.

Marvel Comics has simply issued a teaser picture for Gwen Stacy #4, and it guarantees a team-up between Gwen and the strangest teenagers of all – the unique X-Males. The teaser implies a number of of Marvel’s merry mutants will probably be a part of the story, however the cowl is devoted to Jean Gray and Gwen Stacy. Jean is utilizing her telekinesis to guard Gwen from a pumpkin barrage – clearly implying the X-Males come between the Inexperienced Goblin and his prey.

At first look, this appears to be one thing of a loopy concept; however Christos Gage is a superb author, and he will not have finished this only for the sake of cashing in on the X-Males increase. In truth, it is fairly cheap Gwen would get caught up within the Inexperienced Goblin’s affairs, given her father was a police captain on the time the Inexperienced Goblin was trying to fill an influence vacuum after against the law lord had been taken down. Essentially the most logical rationalization can be that the Inexperienced Goblin determined to scare Captain Stacy off by threatening his daughter; and, in fact, wherever there is a supervillain there’s inevitably a superhero or two.

It is going to really be fairly cool to see Gwen Stacy and Jean Gray working facet by facet. The 2 ladies have lots in widespread; they’re each sensible and studious, however with a wild facet and an curiosity in style. What’s extra, this story could be set earlier than mutants turned hated and feared, at a time when the X-Males had been celebrated. If that is the case, this may very well be fairly a singular team-up.

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