Hugh Borg’s Role In Picard: Returning Star Trek TNG Character Explained

Hugh Borg’s Function In Picard: Returning Star Trek TNG Character Defined

Hugh Borg has a pivotal function in Star Trek: Picard that cleverly echoes his origin story in TNG. This is what the previous Borg Drone is to this point.


Warning: SPOILERS for Star Trek: Picard Season 1, Episode 3.


In Star Trek: Picard, the function of Hugh (Jonathan Del Arco) has been revealed: He’s now the director of the Romulan Reclamation Undertaking aboard their Borg Dice Artifact, and it is a becoming job for the previous Borg Drone. The brand new CBS All-Entry sequence centering on Patrick Stewart’s return as Jean-Luc Picard has been centered on the function and way forward for synthetic lifeforms within the Star Trek universe. Naturally, the Borg, the cybernetic beings who’re Star Trek: The Subsequent Era‘s biggest villains, are enjoying a vital function in Picard’s sequel sequence.


Hugh was launched within the basic TNG episode “I, Borg”, and he was the primary “reclaimed” member of the hybrid human/cyborg race. Initially designated Third of 5, Hugh was a younger man who was assimilated however his humanity was restored by the crew of the usS. Enterprise-D. Starfleet Command, echoing the villainous traits they exhibit on Star Trek: Picard, ordered Jean-Luc to make use of Hugh to plant a virus that might be transferred again to and destroy the Borg Collective. Captain Picard balked at this deliberate act of genocide and as an alternative he returned Hugh to his Dice, hoping that his individuality would unfold to the remainder of the Drones. Hugh was subsequent seen within the “Descent” two-parter, the place he and his fellow Drones have been taken over by Lore (Brent Spiner), the evil android brother of Lt. Commander Information. Hugh helped his pals on the Enterprise defeat Lore, however the pleasant Borg hasn’t been seen in Star Trek since. A long time later, within the 2380s, the Romulans gained possession of a derelict Borg Dice and launched their Reclamation Undertaking to reap after which promote Borg know-how within the wake of their planet Romulus being destroyed by a supernova.


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Star Trek: Picard episode 3, “The Finish is the Starting”, picked up Hugh’s story and reintroduced him as the person in control of the Romulan Reclamation Undertaking, which makes him the boss of Dr. Soji Asha (Isa Briones), who’s secretly Information’s artificial daughter (which Hugh is just not conscious of). Now older after having lived as a human for many years (although he completely bears the scars of his assimilation), Hugh oversees the humane manner the XBs (ex-Borg, additionally dubbed “the Anonymous” by the Romulans) are having their cybernetic components faraway from their natural selves. Certainly, Hugh took particular discover of the compassionate manner Soji treats the XBs by talking to the varied species of their native languages as a part of their remedy. Taking Soji below his wing, Hugh agreed to introduce her to Ramdha (Rebecca Wisocky), one of many “disordered” Romulans who have been assimilated, solely be to be shocked when Ramdha turned violent and accused Soji of being “the Destroyer”.


Hugh’s presence on the Romulan Borg Artifact is a intelligent callback to his personal life story: Star Trek: Picard‘s Borg Dice suffered a sudden submatrix collapse after it assimilated Ramdha and her fellow Romulans. The Collective completely severed its hyperlink to the Borg Dice, deactivating it and leaving it derelict. As “Descent” defined, the same occasion occurred on Hugh’s Dice after he returned from the Enterprise-D; the Collective thought-about the individuality spreading among the many Drones to be a contagion and lower it off from the hive thoughts, which left the Dice and its inhabitants in disarray. Given the same circumstances and his personal expertise as a reclaimed Borg, Hugh is the best individual to supervise the Romulan Reclamation Undertaking and he appears to have earned the respect of his Romulan hosts.


Nevertheless, Hugh is an attention-grabbing distinction to Soji as a result of the previous Borg has clearly had a tough life and he shared how he and his fellow XBs are among the many most reviled individuals within the galaxy. But Soji appears to have the ability to do issues even Hugh, because the venture’s director, cannot, like entry restricted Romulan recordsdata (simply by asking), converse alien languages, and recall obscure trivia concerning the Romulan tradition. As Star Trek: Picard continues, it is going to be fascinating to see the place Hugh stands if and when he learns Soji is artificial and the goal of the A.I.-hating Romulan cabal often known as the Zhat Vash in addition to what’s going to occur if Hugh meet Jean-Luc Picard once more in spite of everything these years.


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