Luke Skywalker First Met Darth Vader BEFORE Empire Strikes Back

Luke Skywalker First Met Darth Vader BEFORE Empire Strikes Again

Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader’s first assembly in Star Wars canon is not the one followers suppose – with one in every of Vader’s coolest traces within the saga.

In Star Wars, Luke Skywalker’s relationship along with his father Darth Vader has by no means been all that robust. For many of his life, Luke believed Vader was liable for the loss of life of his dad — proper up till the second he famously discovered Vader is his father. However that wasn’t the primary time the pair crossed paths. And when the 2 first met, Vader practically killed Luke… earlier than a realization modified his thoughts on the final second.

In Marvel Comics’ Star Wars #2 (2015) by Jason Aaron, John Cassaday, Chris Eliopoulos, and Laura Martin, it is revealed that Luke had a face-to-face encounter with Vader earlier than the occasions of The Empire Strikes Again. Set between Empire and the primary Star Wars, the guide picked up after the occasions the place the Loss of life Star was destroyed. Within the comedian, the heroes head to Cynmoon 1, which is the biggest Imperial weapons manufacturing unit in the galaxy. It is there the place Luke and Vader first meet. Nonetheless, neither know the reality about their actual relationship.

Luke desperately searches the ability for Vader and when he encounters him, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s voice (by way of Power Spirit) tells him to get out of there. Skywalker does not pay attention. As an alternative, he makes an attempt to confront the Sith liable for killing Kenobi and (who he believes) murdered his father. Vader scoffs at Luke, calling him “an untrained little one” who’s “no Jedi.” When Vader asks Luke who he’s and is advised “you killed my father,” the Darkish Lord responds with a line probably too badass for the movies to adapt:

Vader proceeds to dominate an emotional Luke. He calls him “pathetic” as he throws him to the bottom. Together with his pink lightsaber in a single hand, Vader pulls Luke’s lightsaber to his different. He is about to chop down Luke earlier than he begins to really feel a reference to Luke’s weapon – because it’s the identical one he used as a Jedi. As Vader is confused, an AT-AT pushed by Han Solo and Princess Leia crashes by way of the ability and splits up the struggle.

Earlier than assembly his finish, Vader would reconcile with Luke and cease Emperor Palpatine (or so he thought) and redeem himself considerably. Nonetheless, earlier than he realizes Luke is his son, he nearly kills him. That will make Vader’s tragic backstory in some way much more unhappy. Fortunately, Luke and Vader’s first assembly is interrupted and the Jedi makes it out alive. Virtually killing your son is one heck of an introduction. The assembly added an fascinating layer to Star Wars’ most messed-up father/son relationship.

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