South Park: 5 Reasons Why Scott Tenorman Must Die Is The Best Episode (And Its 5 Closest Competitors)

South Park: 5 Causes Why Scott Tenorman Should Die Is The Greatest Episode (And Its 5 Closest Rivals)

South Park has many nice episodes however right here we make a case for why Scott Tenorman Should Die is the best and discover its 5 closest opponents.

The final consensus amongst followers of South Park is that season 5’s “Scott Tenorman Should Die,” by which Cartman swears revenge towards a ninth-grader who tricked him into shopping for his pubes, is the present’s most interesting hour. Sequence creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have ranked this episode amongst their favorites, and it often tops critics’ lists of the present’s biggest installments.

There’s no denying that it’s a unbelievable episode – it’s quintessential South Park – however on the similar time, this present has unbelievable episodes in spades. So, listed here are 5 the explanation why Scott Tenorman Should Die is South Park’s finest episode and its 5 closest opponents.

Certainly one of South Park’s main M.O.s is shock humor. That is when one thing is so horrible and sudden that it turns into humorous. “Scott Tenorman Should Die” is arguably the present’s biggest use of shock humor.

There’s loads of shock worth in gags just like the hidden voyeurs spying on Mrs. Tenorman, Cartman’s numerous plans to mutilate Scott, and naturally, the ultimate stinger, but it surely’s by no means so stunning that it turns into unfunny.

The season eight premiere “Good Instances with Weapons” opens with the boys shopping for martial-arts weapons on the Park County Honest and rapidly transitions to a spot-on parody of the anime fashion with a wider facet ratio as they fake to be ninjas. The fashion promptly returns to the usual cut-out look when one in all Kenny’s throwing stars leads to Butters’ eye.

Violence hasn’t been bluntly depicted to an impact this nice outdoors of a Scorsese film. The episode is chock filled with hysterical materials, from Cartman’s unlucky “wardrobe malfunction” to the “Let’s Preventing Love” theme tune that mixes Japanese and English lyrics.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have stated that “Scott Tenorman Should Die” was a landmark second for South Park as a result of it introduced out the worst in Cartman. As he fed a child his mother and pop, Cartman’s evil was elevated. This episode pushed the bounds of what the creators may do with him.

Exploring the boundaries of Cartman’s sociopathic thoughts has all the time been the most effective factor about this character. He’s pure evil, and “Scott Tenorman Should Die” is the most effective demonstration of that. In the long run, the message is obvious: don’t mess with Cartman.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are at their most incisive after they really feel actually passionately about what they’re satirizing. That is significantly obvious in season 10’s “Smug Alert!,” by which the duo lampooned the self-righteousness of people that drive hybrid automobiles. With the proper steadiness of social commentary and character moments, “Smug Alert!” represents South Park at its most interesting.

Every little thing about this episode, from Gerald’s smarmy “Thanks!” to Stan’s “homosexual little tune” to San Franciscans having fun with the scent of their very own farts, to the cloud of “smug” drifting from Los Angeles following George Clooney’s Oscar acceptance speech, labored hysterically.

Most sitcom episodes have an A-plot (a principal storyline) and a B-plot (a subplot to chop to all through the A-plot), and certainly, South Park normally sticks to this format. For instance, whereas Cartman and Kyle argue over The Ardour of the Christ, Stan and Kenny try to get their a refund from Mel Gibson.

However in “Scott Tenorman Should Die,” there isn’t a B-plot. And also you don’t discover that there’s just one storyline, as a result of that one storyline is so compelling and well-structured {that a} B-plot isn’t crucial.

Among the finest South Park episodes don’t have a bigger sociopolitical level to make and simply have enjoyable – or, on this case, a tremendous enjoyable time – with the loopy world that the characters stay in. In season 12’s “Tremendous Enjoyable Time,” when Mr. Garrison and the category go on a subject journey to an old-timey pioneer village, they’re taken hostage by a crack crew of robbers on the lam, and the workers’s refusal to interrupt character creates issues.

In the meantime, Cartman turns into Ferris Bueller to Butters’ Cameron Frye to persuade him to stay within the second and break the foundations occasionally. From Garrison’s utter lack of heroism to the revelation that the crew robbed a Burger King, “Tremendous Enjoyable Time” is delightfully absurd and deliciously darkish from starting to finish.

There’s plenty of advantage in South Park episodes whose focus is social commentary. “Margaritaville,” “Greatest Mates Perpetually,” and the “Black Friday” trilogy are among the many present’s funniest and smartest installments.

However South Park is at its finest and most timeless when it merely focuses on its characters as they make choices and people choices have penalties they usually’re pressured to behave. “Pre-Faculty” and “AWESOM-O” are prime examples of this, however the character-focused storytelling in “Scott Tenorman Should Die” is the sharpest.

In “Make Love, Not Warcraft,” the boys turn out to be hooked on World of Warcraft and embark on a quest to eradicate a jerk who’s been killing different gamers. The coaching montage by which the boys get increasingly out-of-shape and unhealthy as they keep away from the outside and play the sport 24/7, set to music with the identical depth as a coaching montage by which Rocky Balboa trains for a title struggle, is hilarious.

Plus, the usage of dramatic clichés within the Warcraft scenes, like Randy dying in Stan’s arms whereas sitting in a PC retailer with a headset on, makes this a spot-on satire of each gaming and fantasy tales.

The plot twist on the finish of “Scott Tenorman Should Die” works spectacularly, as a result of we comply with together with Scott outsmarting Cartman, anticipating Cartman to have one thing up his sleeve, with out fairly figuring out what.

After which, in a sequence of fantastically darkish moments – from Cartman’s chillingly calm monologue to Scott’s discovery of his mom’s severed finger, marriage ceremony ring and all – it turns into hauntingly clear. As a pitch-black comedy, this present has plenty of plot twists, and that is by far the best.

If the widespread reward for “Scott Tenorman Should Die” tells us something, it’s that South Park followers love episodes that present us the acute lengths to which Cartman will go to get what he desires. Though feeding Scott his personal mother and father will all the time be Cartman’s most heinous act, locking Butters in an underground bunker for every week is an in depth second.

The beauty of “Casa Bonita” is that, whereas we will perceive why Cartman desires to precise such vicious revenge on Scott, his purpose for kidnapping Butters is so trivial: he simply actually, actually likes the Mexican-themed “eatertainment” restaurant the place Kyle is having his party.

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