The grudge

The Grudge, the Japanese horror classic about a house “owned” by the spirits of a family that had died inside, will have a new version and looks completely scary.

In 2004, director Takashi Shimizu made us tremble with an adaptation of his own movie, Ju-on, in which he showed us with the spirits of the dead who, for one reason or another, refused to leave our world and took residence in the houses where they had died. The Grudge was disturbing, scary and induced paranoia and became a horror classic because Takashi Shimizu knew how to use our own fears against us. At that moment, there was nothing more gloomy than the guttural sound of the strange child that terrified everyone who set foot inside his house, announcing that something worse was yet to come.

Now, Sony is about to release its new version of the classic, the film was directed and written by Nicolas Pesce (The Eyes of My Mother), is backed by Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert (Don´t Breathe), who are producers, and He has Andrea Reisborough, from Black Mirror, Demián Bichir, John Cho, Lin Shaye, Betty Gilpin, William Sadler and Jacki Weaver among their actors.

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First look. #TheGrudge in theaters 1.3.20

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Pesce had already said it, his version would be more twisted, dark and terrifying than the original (which was one of the films that began the obsession with Japanese terror in the movies, along with The Ring of Hideo Nakata 1998), and it seems that he fulfilled his promise because the trailer has just premiered and confirms that terror, anxiety and paranoia return strongly.

The Grudge worked, even the American version with Sarah Michelle Gellar, because it turned ghosts into something possible, not monsters, but angry spirits seeking revenge and, once they chose their victim, they didn’t release her until they destroyed her. The scary little boy and the woman with the hair on his face, with broken movements and pale skin, became the protagonists of the nightmares of thousands of people who, after watching the movie feared to take a bath and discover a strange hand coming out of his own head (a common element in movies).

This time it is the same, but now the story is a little different, Andrea Reisborough becomes a policeman who, investigating a crime, enters a cursed house, opening the door and inviting a group of evil spirits into his own life that does not They will stop until they destroy it.

New installment of the The Grudge franchise around a curse that is born when someone dies under the influence of extreme feelings such as anger or grief. Through this supernatural murderous force the curse is reborn, going through an endless and growing chain of horror.

This restart of the saga is directed by Nicolas Pesce (Piercing, The Eyes of My Mother) and is scripted by Jeff Buhler (The wagon of death). The protagonists of this supernatural horror film are Andrea Riseborough (The Death of Stalin, The Battle of the Sexes), Lin Shaye (Insidious: The Last Key, Ouija: The Origin of Evil), John Cho (Star Trek: Beyond , Get a Job) and Demián Bichir (Alien: Covenant, The Hateful Eight).


Sarah Michelle Gellar as Karen Davis, an exchange student
Jason Behr as Doug McCarthy, Karen’s boyfriend, who attends the University of Tokyo
KaDee Strickland as Susan Williams, Matt’s younger sister
William Mapother as Matt Williams, who moves to Tokyo for a promotion
Clea DuVall as Jennifer Williams, Matt’s wife
Grace Zabriskie as Emma Williams, the mother of Matt and Susan, who has severe lethargy with mild dementia.
Bill Pullman as Peter Kirk, a teacher who works in Tokyo
Rosa Blasi as Maria Kirk, Peter’s wife
Ted Raimi as Alex Jones, the director of the spotlight where Yoko and Karen are stationed.
Ryo Ishibashi as Det. Nakagawa, a detective
Yōko Maki as Yoko, a Japanese caregiver assigned to care for Emma Williams
Takako Fuji as Kayako Saeki, a married woman who is attracted to Peter Kirk
Yuya Ozeki as Toshio Saeki, Kayako and 10-year-old Takeo Saeki’s son.
Takashi Matsuyama as Takeo Saeki, Kayako’s husband

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