The REAL Reason Black Widow Is Being Hunted

The REAL Purpose Black Widow Is Being Hunted

Marvel’s Black Widow Prelude has hinted on the REAL purpose Thunderbolt Ross thinks capturing Natasha Romanoff is a prime precedence.

Marvel has simply revealed the actual purpose Black Widow is now the world’s most wished. The Black Widow film is about within the quick aftermath of Captain America: Civil Struggle, and it sees Natasha Romanoff on the run from the world’s authorities. Though Black Widow initially signed as much as the Sokovia Accords, she switched sides through the notorious Airport Battle and helped Steve Rogers and the Winter Soldier escape. Tony Stark gave her truthful warning he’d reported her actions, and he or she was compelled to flee earlier than she was arrested and imprisoned within the Raft.

Mockingly, though Black Widow is a super-spy, she wound up extra susceptible than any of the opposite Avengers. Steve Rogers discovered a helpful ally in Black Panther and had quickly damaged his allies out of the Raft, however Natasha had no purpose to suspect Captain America was secretly working with Wakanda. The Black Widow trailers have steered Thunderbolt Ross and his forces quickly wound up on Natasha’s path, forcing her to show to her authentic “household” of ex Black Widows.

Marvel Comics are inclined to publish official “Prelude” comics to each film, and this week noticed the discharge of Black Widow Prelude #2. It is basically a recap of Black Widow’s MCU historical past so far, with Thunderbolt Ross making an attempt to steer the World Safety Council to prioritize Natasha Romanoff as a goal. In the course of the dialog, Ross hints at the true purpose he needs Black Widow; he thinks he can use her to get to Nick Fury. “She was additionally allied with Nick Fury underneath some very doubtful circumstances,” Ross hints. “In case you have not observed, since Romanoff went earlier than Congress and blew SHIELD aside, Fury’s dropped off the map.

Ross’ remark is especially fascinating as a result of Fury faked his personal demise in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and labored in secret as an unbiased operative for the following few years. It is cheap to imagine Ross discovered Fury was nonetheless alive after Avengers: Age of Ultron, when Fury commanded a fully-staffed Helicarrier into the Battle of Sokovia to be able to rescue civilians; there could have been too many eye-witness accounts of Fury’s presence, and definitely Struggle Machine knew Fury was in cost. Rhodey is a loyal soldier who respects the chain of command and would have little question talked about Fury in his debrief.

This, in flip, helps clarify Ross’ antagonistic angle in direction of the Avengers. The autumn of SHIELD in Captain America: The Winter Soldier was one of the crucial important occasions within the historical past of the MCU, and Ross has good purpose to doubt the Avengers’ accounts. What’s extra, he is understandably involved a free cannon with the data, expertise, and assets of Nick Fury is on the market doing his personal factor. Ross presumably believes there is a hyperlink between Fury and the Avengers, and views the Helicarrier on the Battle of Sokovia as proof. He’ll think about Natasha Romanoff, certainly one of Fury’s greatest, to be the apparent connection. In Ross’ view, bringing in Black Widow may probably reveal a serious worldwide conspiracy – making Natasha a much more important precedence than even Steve Rogers.

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