100 Cute TikTok Girls That Make You Fall In Love ? Part 10

65. Annie Taylor

Lip-sync, dancing and also act content creator best known for sharing videos on her wtmab TikTok account. She has more than 390,000 followers on the platform.
She made her first act in June of 2019. The video was captioned, “White moms be like…”
She played softball throughout her youth and also continues to play in high school.
Her ex-boyfriend Preston Tabor appeared in her content.
She created a TikTok set to rapper Future's “Mask Off.”

66. Bethanie Louise

Bethanie Louise Lia Taylor is a British social media star who has earned popularity through the lip-syncing app, TikTok. With 1.204M+ followers on TikTok, Bethanie Louise Lia Taylor is considered as one of the popular TikTok stars in the United Kingdom. Not only on the lip-syncing app but she is also popular on the photo-sharing app, Instagram with over 62.9K+ followers where she often posts TikTok videos. She has set her username on TikTok as @officialbeth and @bethtaylorxz on Instagram. Born on 7 September 2003, Bethanie hails from London, England, United Kingdom. As in 2021, Bethanie Louise Lia Taylor‘s age is 17 years.

67. Ebony Melani

Relatable lip sync and dancing content creator best known for her self titled TikTok account. Her popularity on the platform led to her amassing more than 320,000 followers.
She practiced cheerleading throughout her youth.
She created a TikTok set to Doja Cat's “Juicy” that received more than 130,000 likes.
She was born in Australia.
She created a duet video featuring Shelovesbryson.

68. Makayla Anisa

Canadian Instagram star who typically posts fitness and also modeling content to her self-titled account. She has gained over 410,000 followers on her Instagram.
She originally posted to her Instagram account in August 2018.
She has been a brand ambassador for GymShark.
She hails from the nation of Canada.
She is a popular fitness Instagrammer in the same vein as Qimmah Russo.

69. Makayla Leko

American lip-syncing sensation on the app TikTok who was known for her makaylaleko_ account. Her account was deactivated as of November 2019.
She was 14 years old when she posted to her makaylaleko Instagram account for the first time.
She posted a vlog to her YouTube channel of her 2018 Mexico vacation.
She is from Minnesota.
She used the Nathan Evan sound “Juuls in school” for her TikTok video “come on julia.”

70. Mian Twins

Widely known for being one half of the popular twin duo Mian Twins on TikTok. She has also gained popularity on the Squared channel alongside her sister Azra for her twins vlogging and also challenges.
She and also her sister originally created their own YouTube channel MianTwins in January 2014. They would later join the YouTube channel Squared in June 2017.
He watched his first video on the YouTube channel Squared accumulate over 10,000 views in less than a week after posting it.
In addition to her twin sister Azra, she has two older sisters named Jannat and also Jasmina. His father's name is Suhai, but his nickname is Rocky.
She was featured on Jean-Victor Mackie's Instagram account in September 2020.

71. Kelsey Lowrance

Professional cheerleader with the Dallas Cowboys who was featured on Country Music Television's reality series Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.
She danced/cheered for other sporting teams such as the Ice Angels before landing the Cowboys gig in 2016.
In addition to cheerleading, she has worked as a fitness instructor. She racked up greater than 150,000 fans on Instagram.
She began dating ultimate frisbee national champion Brodie Smith and also they became engaged in April of 2018.
She and also Jacie Scott have both been included on Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.

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