Best great balancings as well as likewise flexibility TikTok ??

1.Sofie Dossi

Winner of the gold switch in the l lth period of America's Got Talent . He made a massive perception on the court at the NBC truth competitors with his abilities as a contortionist, aerialist, as well as tightrope walker. In 2018, she appeared on Brat's online series Boss Cheer . He has amassed more than 10 million TikTok followers on his self- titled account.
His interest in contortion began at age 12 after watching a video online. Previously, she already had competitive experience as a gymnast as well as dancer.

Her fame as a reality star led her to have a strong presence on Instagram with more than 4.1 million followers. He had performed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show three times as of 2018. In October 2020, he launched the Kiss as well as Tell podcast alongside Kyla Kenedy .
He has a brother named Zak Dossi who is a music producer. She is originally from Cypress, California. His mother is Arab as well as his father Italian. Her partner, TikTok star Dom Brack , is her boyfriend.
He has appeared on Logan Paul's YouTube channel in videos such as “THIS SHOULDN'T BE POSSIBLE!”


Canadian social media star who has gained fame for her self-titled YouTube channel. Her bikini as well as fashion try-ons alongside beauty as well as lifestyle vlogs have earned her massive popularity.
Her first YouTube channel was begun with the aid of producers. She began her independent YouTube career with her self-titled channel's creation in October 2017.
She has amassed more than 330,000 YouTube subscribers. She has also gained more than 160,000 followers to her kendraarowe Instagram account.
She was born and raised in Canada originally.

3.Caitlin Dechelle

Stunt double and actress who has worked on a number of popular collection including Pretty Little Liars, Agents of Shield, and Castle. Her film credits include Wonder Woman and Furious 7
While competing in martial arts competitions she caught the attention of Jackie Chan who recruited her for his film Chinese Zodiac.

She worked as a stunt double for numerous actresses on the MTV show Teen Wolf before being cast as The Geneticist in the fifth season.
She grew up in Miami, Florida.
She guest starred on the show Supah Ninjas alongside Ryan Potter.

4.Gabi butler

All-star cheerleading athlete who was featured in the Netflix docuseries Cheer, as well as on the Awesomeness TV series Cheerleaders and the YouTube series Cheer Full Out. She has actually been in the public eye as an athlete and cheerleader since she was a young girl and has earned significant followings on such social platforms as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.
She has been cheering since she was 8 years old and became well known for her flexibility as a flyer and her strong tumbling skills.

She has won two world titles and two collegiate national titles for cheerleading. She was in the movie The Champions League, which documented her team's win at the 24-team event. She was featured on an ABC Nightline special in July of 2014 that covered the incredibly intense sport of all-star competitive cheerleading. She also had guest appearances on two web series called Make Me Over and IMO in 2013.


Trending TikTok personality and social media influencer known for showcasing her work as a makeup artist on her sydney_art account. Her videos have generated more than 141 million likes on the platform.
She began posting TikToks in July of 2020. Several of her earliest videos feature lines from the popular show iCarly.
In January of 2021, she celebrated reaching the 2 million follower milestone.
In 2018, she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

6.Kailey Maurer

Gymnast who became one-half of The Acrobots YouTube channel alongside Kelianne Stankus and the rest of their dance troupe. She is extremely popular on TikTok earning over 2.9 million fans on her KaileyMaurer account by primarily posting gymnastics content. In 2018, she began starring in the Brat series Turnt.
She started doing gymnastics as early as 2002; she was a 4-time USA National Team member and a finalist at the 2014 World Championships in acrobatic gymnastics.

The Acrobats YouTube channel has accumulated over 50,000 subscribers posting their trademark viral acrobatic hoverboard dance covers.
A native of California, she was inspired to begin doing gymnastics after enjoying her brothers participate.
She as well as the rest of The Acrobots carried out their hoverboard choreography to Justin Bieber's “Sorry” on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2015.

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