Brianda Deyanara|Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, TikTok, Age, Height


Influential TikTok content creator who is widely known for sharing lip syncs, dance and comedy videos. He has amassed more than 24 million fans to his self-titled TikTok account. He co-hosted the 2018 Telehit show Los Trasnochadores. In 2020, she became part of the TikTok 404 Girls collective .

Before Fame

He studied communication at the university. It was established on social media in late 2017.


He is also popular on Instagram with over 9 million followers and where he has shared content promoting brands such as Bang Energy, Takis, and Mac Cosmetics. In 2019, she attended the Eliot Awards and the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards and that same year she was also nominated for Instacrush at the 2019 MTV MIAW Awards.

Family life

Her full name is Brianda Deyanara Moreno Guerrero. His mother is called Zulema. In early 2020, she began dating her fellow influencer Álex Casas but they ended their relationship in July of that year. She previously also dated YouTuber Ryan Hoffman .


He has collaborated on TikTok with other popular creators of the platform such as Naim Darrechi , Víctor Pérez , Kevlex Pazmiño , Orson Padilla among others.

Brianda Deyanara is a well-known TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram star. Thanks to his spectacular style, he has conquered the hearts of millions of users of digital platforms. Her followers admire her with great passion for her charisma and originality. This girl is adept at creating content for social media, where she posts dancing, lip syncing, and comedy videos.

Her full name is Brianda Deyanara Moreno Guerrero, she, at her young age, has become an internet celebrity. Her videos on fashion, beauty and vlogs became an icon. This young woman is even considered one of the biggest Mexican tiktokers , but who could not like her spectacular videos?

Brianda Deyanara's age is 24 years old, as she was born on August 5, 1995, in Tijuana, Baja California. This influencer is very well prepared academically, as she studied Communication Sciences.

How did Brianda Deyanara start on social media?

This girl knew how to take advantage of her talent to communicate and started on social networks in 2017. However, she did not think that she could become a celebrity by having fun and filming herself. On YouTube , Brianda Deyanara began to gain an audience because she showed fun challenges, tags and the vlogs that we love so much. This way she made people know her better. Months passed and her success exploded into the important influencer that she is today.

Brianda managed to connect with her audience in such a way that many identify with what she does. When she joined TikTok , her life changed, as she had finally found a place to feel comfortable, where thousands of people admire her. So, he decided to take his passion to a higher level and created higher quality content, showing his tastes and emotions.

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