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TikTok celebrity and also material designer that has actually gotten appeal for the funny, dancing, and also vlog videos that she posts to her carlotamadrigal account. Her fans have propelled her to more than 2.8 million followers on the app.

Before Fame

He posted his first TikTok in August 2019.


Her modeling content has earned her more than 390,000 followers on her carlotamadrigal Instagram account. One of her most popular posts features photos of her posing on a macrame hanging chair.

Family life

She has a sister.


He has posted several TikToks with Charlie López on his account.

A dose of sensuality will always be well received on social networks, but you have to see that these girls do know what the audience likes. On the one hand, Carlota Madrigal, a tiktoker who loves perreology, who is not afraid to expose herself as she is, on the other, this Valeria Aguilar, a fashion fanatic who marks elegance wherever she goes 

Which of the two imposes more style on TikTok?

Different dynamics

Each tiktoker shows the facet with which she feels most sure of herself, in the case of Carlota Madrigal, her tenderness and also mischief conquered the hearts of more than 1 million followers, not counting her fascinating ability to dancing, considered one of your best skills since you enter your profile.

Valeria Aguilar does not escape from dancing, in fact, she is very friendly with any challenge that involves moving the body, however, her stylized figure adapts perfectly to her sensational way of dressing. We have actually no doubts regarding the taste of this Mexican, leaving everybody with her incredible clothing .

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