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María Corina Smith, attractively referred to as Corina Smith , is a Venezuelan vocalist, songwriter as well as starlet. He was born on September 8, 1991, in Caracas, Venezuela. In 2011 he became known by participating in the youth program “Somos tú y yo” , which was broadcast on the Venezuelan television channel Venevisión, where he performed several musicals.

Childhood, Youth and Family Life

Corina is the daughter of Marina Pocaterra and Roberto Smith Perera, a union from which her two sisters, María Sofía and María Elisa, were also born. His father held relevant positions in the governments of Venezuela between 1989 and 1995. He studied Economics and Finance at the Metropolitan University of Boston, United States.

Corina Smith's Beginnings in Music In 2011, Corina Smith acted in the television program “Somos tú y yo” , broadcast internationally by Venevisión and Boomerang; With the participation in different musicals of that series, he began his artistic career.
After several years, he decided to venture fully into music by debuting as a soloist with the song “La Difficult” , which premiered in September 2015; there the artist fused urban pop and R&B. In the video clip, some of her friends participated as guest actresses, including Vanessa Suárez, Rosangélica Piscitelli, Rosmeri Marval, the also vocalist Sheryl Rubio as well as Natalia Moretti.

Corina Smith's musical genre

The musical genre underlying most of Corina Smith's songs is the pop-ballad. However, he has experimented with different rhythms such as dance pop, teen pop, rap, and reggaeton.

Corina Smith's Career and Legacy

In 2016, Corina Smith premiered the singles “Vitamin d” , “Now or never” , “Pink roulette” and “Escape” together with the Venezuelan vocalist Gustavo Elis , which was a Nael as well as Justin production .
In 2017, Corina Smith collaborated with Gustavo Elis on the single “Novios” , from which they communicated that they both had a loving relationship; completed months later. At that time, she was invited as part of the team of presenting artists at the Heat Awards, performed by the HTV music channel.
That year, she was the opening act for the singer Daddy Yankee in Guayaquil, Ecuador.”Complete” , which is produced by Nael as well as Justin; reaching the top of Record Report.
In 2018, Corina Smith made several premieres, where “Roller Mountain” , “Meanwhile” , “More” , “This year” and “Singers” stand out ; the latter with the collaboration of the Venezuelan hip hop exponents Big Soto and Neutro Shorty .
Before long, Corina Smith released the single “Meanwhile” . He also released the theme “Fondo De Pantalla” , produced by the musical company DLS Music;, the latter in 2019.

Corina Smith's Personal Life

Corina Smith had a love affair with the Venezuelan vocalist Gustavo Elis in 2017.
A Venezuelan interpreter who, after passing through youth TV series, decided to enter the music scene in genres such as pop, reggaeton as well as rap. Uniting talents with artists from the musical scene of his country, also from other countries; His songs have been positioned in the main places of the music list, being played on various digital download platforms such as Spotify. In addition to her singing talent, Corina Smith enjoys physical beauty as well as a unique fashion style that make the musician luster in each of her efficiencies, according to doubters.

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