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The girl came to be understood on YouTube with the Brosnación network along with Daniel Jaramillo and also Simón Pulgarin in which she took part for 2 weeks, and also in 2017 she started her occupation as an influencer on Instagram. Over time, many thanks to its photo and also initial design, it has actually swiftly boosted its acknowledgment in the nation.

Daniela presently has near 1.5 million fans on Instagram and also greater than 600 thousand on YouTube.
Daniela Arango Álvarez, a 21 years of age Colombian influencer that began with the task: ‘Rayada’.

Origin of ‘Rayada’

“Since I was little I have loved working, obviously in what I could. At school he did things, sweets and silly things. I always wanted to have my own brand, ”Daniela informed Kienyke.com.
Noticing the capacity of having a brand name of its very own on the networks, Arango chose to develop one, nonetheless, initially, it did not desire what to do.
After considering it, he ended: “I want my brand to be me in a brand.” Thus, a year and also 2 months earlier, Rayada was birthed, a shop that gives all-natural hair items, bronzers, hats, swimwear and also coats, all based upon various preferences, a particular facet of its designer.

When asked the factor for the name, Daniela reacted strongly, “I wanted my initials to be in the name, which are D A A in some order. Also, I love the little rays that are reflected in the day and his name goes with my personality, so it was perfect ”.
Regarding the efficiency of business, the numbers indicate a favorable expectation, “thank God it has been very well received, it is also very noticeable in the repurchase, the customers who arrive stay there, they keep asking for the products.”

A finding out trip

Daniela researches company management in Medellín, and also regardless of needing to accomplish dedications in various cities or occasions outside the nation, she is consistent with her research study.
“I need to attempt 3 times. For instance, when he originated from a journey I needed to research two times for the partials, if I was not in a course I need to discover alone since I need to offer them, “Arango ensured Kienyke.com.
Since she was little bit, this girl has actually been really energetic, and also maybe that high quality has actually permitted her to play a great duty as a little girl, pupil, business owner and also good friend, for this reason in her day to day she takes time for each of her priorities.
During her career, the influencer considers that the characteristic of an business owner is to take dangers. “There is constantly unpredictability, however if you do not risk you will certainly not recognize if you are mosting likely to accomplish it, it is much better not to continue to be unsure.”

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