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Ignacia Antonia |Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, TikTok, Age, Height

Biography of Ignacia Antonia

Ignacia Antonia Hernández Riquelme (September 7, 2001) Influencer, Internet personality and activist. He was born in Santiago de Chile, Chile. Rose to fame through (now Tik Tok). He has millions of followers on Instagram and other social networks. In April 2019, he published his first book “Dare to Sonar.” He is currently one of the best known Internet personalities in Latin America. Ignacia was part of the creative group LIR team.

Family and beginnings

She is the daughter of Beatriz Riquelme and Mauricio Hernández . She has a brother named Felipe, who often participates in her videos. As she commented in some interviews, her interest in social networks and dance emerged in 2016, while she was learning to dance with some friends. Once she mastered the art of belly dance, she began uploading videos to, a platform where she quickly became famous. At the same time, she began to gain followers on Instagram, a platform where she is known for her photos, funny videos, and exotic dances.

Ignacia on trend

In 2018, two years after his foray into networks, Ignacia became a trend thanks to the number of followers he had gained on Instagram and Tiktok . His face appeared in most Chilean newspapers and he even participated in various interviews. Thanks to her popularity and influence in networks, Ignacia has participated in various public events and commercial campaigns. He was on the Telethon and was part of the #NoMasBullying campaign, against harassment in schools and networks.

In addition to Instagram and Tiktok, Ignacia has her own YouTube channel , which she launched in April 2018, with the video I WANT TO BE YOUTUBER !!!. This was followed by the videos : 1st meeting in CDMZX, Knowing Yuya and First meetings of the IASQUAD (his group of fans) . Among her most popular videos are: Pregnant at 17 (8M), Eight hours handcuffed ft Max Valenzuela (3M) and Lea Elui's Imitating Tik toks (1M).

Ignacia was part of the youtubers group, LIR team, along with Lucas San Martin (@lucassanmartinc), Danae Inostroza (@itsdaanae) and Roberto Rosinelli (@rooosinelli).

Dare to Sonar (2019)

On April 28, 2019, he launched his book Dare to Dream , a kind of teenage diary in which he encourages young people to follow their dreams and fight until they achieve it. The book soon became a trend. In addition, he made a small tour of Latin America, the United States and Europe.

Currently, Ignacia is studying Engineering, but she hopes to take classes in voice-over, dance, and audiovisual management.

Private life

Ignacia was a partner of fellow youtuber Max Valenzuela. The two participated in the video Different but equal , a campaign by Ripley against bullying.

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