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Karime Pindter|Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, TikTok, Age, Height


Mexican reality television sensation who is one of the original six cast members of the hit MTV series Acapulco Shore . This versatile personality is also known for her self-titled YouTube channel, where she has posted a selection of behind-the-scenes vlogs and videos.

Before Fame

He had his television and social media debut in September 2014 accompanying the premiere of Acapulco Shore.


Some of his most popular YouTube videos are “Whatever you do … Halloween costume” and “Whatever you do … My real GYM, tuning !!!” In September 2019, he shared a photo meeting Alejandro Fernández during the tour of the singer Rompiendo Fronteras.

Family life

He has featured his mother Isabel on his Instagram account and YouTube channel.


Mane González and Fernando Lozada were also founding members of the Acapulco Shore cast.

Karime Pindter , also known as “La Matrioshka”, is one of the most emblematic personalities in the history of Acapulco Shore . From his entrance he drew attention for his careless and daring attitudes, not to mention the friendship he made with Manelyk throughout the seasons.

However, not only a change in attitude has been noticed on the part of the influencer. One of the most obvious differences revolves around her physical appearance, since, of all the scandal women that have been within the program, Karime is the one who has had the most dramatic transformation.

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