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In addition to her work on social media, Liza has hosted a number of TV shows and events; she has co-created and starred in her own YouTube TV show.

In enhancement to her work with social networks, Liza has actually organized a variety of TELEVISION programs and also occasions; she has actually co-created and also starred in her very own YouTube TELEVISION program. Liza has actually starred in a variety of TELEVISION programs too.


Elizabeth Shaila Koshy, understood by her name Liza Koshy, was born upon March 31, 1996 in Houston, Texas, to mommy Jean Carol and also Jose Koshy. Her papa is Indian and also her mommy is of German descent.
Liza has 2 older sis and also, maturing, she participated in a double language college where she discovered Spanish in addition to English. Later, she enlisted at the University of Houston, yet later on relocated to Los Angeles to seek her job in acting.
As of August 2020, Liza has 17.8 million YouTube clients, 18.2 million Instagram fans, 2.9 million Twitter fans, 2.9 million Facebook fans and also 22.5 million TikTok fans.
Liza began her job in 2013 when she began publishing video clips to the video clip sharing system Vine. By the time Vine shut down, Liza had 7 million followers.

At the same time, Liza began her YouTube page and started building her content. In November 2016, Liza’s YouTube channel started getting noticed; she interviewed presidential candidate Barack Obama about voter registration that same year. In 2017, Liza officially became the fastest person to reach 10 million subscribers on YouTube. Her video clips will average millions of views.
Her YouTube page did not post any new content from 2018 to 2019 while Liza focused on acting and hosting work.
The social media star became known for her facial expressions, quick pace and her commitment to looking ridiculous. However, at the same time, she tackled many serious issues, including anxiety, internet trolls and the pressure to fit into the norm.
When Liza’s YouTube page took off in 2016, the actress started to pursue acting and hosting jobs. In 2016, Liza starred as Violet in Hulu’s original horror series “Freakish,” a role which she reprised in the second season. The same year, she starred as Aday Walker in “Boo! A Madea Halloween.” Liza starred as herself in the YouTube premium series “Jingle Ballin’.” In 2016, Liza also starred as Princess Aubrey in the movie “FML.”

The following year, in 2017, Liza joined the YouTube Premium mystery-reality series “Escape the Night.”
In 2018, Liza co-created the YouTube Premium series “Lizza on Demand,” and starred in the show. The second season premiered in 2019. Her show received positive reviews. That same year, the actress portrayed the voice of Owl in “Crow: The Legend,” a virtual reality short film starring John Legend.
Liza stars in the new Netflix comedy film “Work It” with Sabrina Carpenter, which premiered on streaming system in 2020.
In addition to her acting job, Liza has hosted a number of events. In 2017, she hosted the Golden Globes live pre-program, which obtained a record-breaking variety of visitors on Twitter.

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