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Macarena García Romero is a Mexican starlet and also vocalist . She is understood for having fun Natalia Alexander in Control Z and also Machu Salas in Like the Legend . She made her launching at age twelve on the telenovela Amor bravío (2012) and also in 2017, she played Tania in Muy Padres!. Fame came a year later on with the music daytime soap Like and also atrioventricular bundle. In 2019 he launched the solitary I ultimately located you with Rodrigo Massa.

Early years

She was birthed in Mexico City and also is the little girl of starlet Amairani Romero Gutiérrez. His granny Anabelle Gutiérrez is a renowned starlet from the golden era of Mexican movie theater. He has actually a bro called Juan, and also a sis called Fernanda.

Acting occupation of Macarena García

Inspired and also sustained by her household, García would begin acting from a really young age. She made her launching when she was just twelve years of ages in the telenovela Amor bravío (2012) , playing the little Ana Albarrán, together with Silvia Navarro and also Cristián de la Fuente. After this he relocated far from the displays for some time. It was till 2017 that he returned with the telenovela Muy Padres! in the duty of Tania, the imaginary little girl of Betty Monroe and also Héctor Suárez Gomís. That very same year she can be seen in some episodes of Como dice el stating (2017).

Like, the tale and also the popularity

Fame and also his first leading role came in 2018 with Like, the tale, a youth soap opera inspired by the famous teenage television series, Rebelde. Also directed by Pedro Damián, García would play María Asunción Salas or Machu Salas in the series, an intelligent and also wealthy young woman who is affected by the many secrets her family hides.
Like its predecessor, Like , it ended with the formation of a musical group and a series of concerts. The band was made up of García and his companions Ale Muller, Santiago Achaga, Carlos Said, Mauricio Abad, Víctor Varona González, Roberta Damián and Anna Iriyama. The band's initial release was This Movement. After the end of the series, some members left music behind to focus on their careers.

After Like, García, he starred in Los elegidos. She also appeared in some in Decisions: Some Win, Others Lose (2019) and in 2020, she came to Netflix with Control Z, in the duty of Natalia Alexander. The series stars Ana Valeria Becerril and Michael Ronda.
Right now being part of the cast of 100 days to fall in love (2020), of Telemundo, along with Ilse Salas and Mariana Treviño . In the drama, she is the teen daughter of Treviño and also Andrés Almeida.

Personal life

Since May 2020, she has actually been a companion of her Control Z companion, Yankel Stevan.

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