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In addition, he owns a YouTube channel with his name in the month of September 2016. In fact, Gray has around 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Nicolette Gray birthed April 15, 2002 is an American-birthed YouTuber, Instagram Star, Professional Model, as well as Social Media Celebrity. In enhancement, he possesses a YouTube network with his name in the month of September 2016. In reality, Gray has around 1 million clients on his YouTube network.

Nicolette articles video clips on her network concerning way of life , style as well as deluxe . In no time, he has become one of the popular personalities who owns a YouTube channel. Additionally, Nicolette has her own Instagram account with around 13.2K followers .

Facts about the American YouTube star

She has appeared on some television shows and web series.
Also, Nicolette proclaimed herself “Beverly Hills Brat.
He has collaborated with Madison Brook on his channel's videos such as “A Week In My Life With Madison Brooke” and “Get Ready With Us: A Day In Los Angeles . “
Mother and daughter have appeared on the May 11, 2018 episode of the program “The Morning”.

Regarding her education, reports have it that she has attended public and private schools at different times. She revealed that she had a traumatic experience the last time she was in mainstream school. Therefore, at this time, you have opted for homeschooling where you receive your classes online.

Nicolette began her social media career on July 12, 2016 when she created her self-titled YouTube channel. On the channel, the young woman uploads videos of her opulent daily life where she brags about her expensive, branded clothing, cosmetics, vacations, cars and other gadgets that she owns. Nicolette Gray is holding nothing back to remind her fans how expensive the items she wears are. In fact, she described herself as a “Beverly Hills Brat” who was raised wealthy and has become used to that particular way of life. This has made it practically impossible for her to change her extravagant lifestyle.

Net worth

Aside from her massive social media presence which is her forte as well as her fame, Nicolette Gray is also an entrepreneur. He runs an e-commerce store ( where he sells branded products such as phone holders and cases, clothing, bags, and possibly more products may also appear on the website over time. From all of this and the earnings she makes from her social media channels, Nicolette Gray has been able to amass a net worth of approximately $ 400,000.

Parent and Family Facts

Nicolette Gray was born to Nina Gray, who is a Doctor of Medicine. She also has a sister named Blair. Other than these two, there are no other details of any other family member that he has. In particular, it is not known who his father is and what role he might have played in his life if he were ever there for them.
Nicolette's mother loves to pamper her a lot and reportedly gives her a lot of money as an allowance. However, on one occasion when she appeared on the Dr. Phils show, Nicolette revealed that her mother reduced her allowance from $ 5000 to $ 1000 and admitted that she found it quite difficult to maintain her way of life with so little allocation.

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