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Influencer and also designer of funny material, trending dancings and also lip syncs for her greater than 10 million followers on her self-titled network.

Before Fame

He was 16 when he started to accomplish his popularity on TikTok.


He has greater than 2.1 million fans on his self-titled Instagram account. He frequently works together on TikTok with Jovany Lucio .

Family life

Her complete name is Dayanna Scarlett Segura García. He has 3 more youthful brother or sisters; 2 of them are called Diego and also Javier. He additionally has a more youthful sis called Aitana. Her mom is called Arlette. She outdated fellow TikTok celebrity Saúl Nava . She remained in a partnership with YouTube celebrity Antrax .


He published a split-screen duet to TikTok with Luciano Spinelli .

TikTok has actually provided several material developers the chance to manipulate their abilities and also display their imagination on the system. This holds true with Scarday , this wonderful woman develops different video clips where she truly thrills with her appeal, skill and also charm. For this reason, millions of people have connected with her, she is a very funny young woman who has us all glued to her social networks.

 When talking about success through this platform, your name should appear. This is because the figures that this young woman reaches are those of a star. His style is extremely unique; For this reason, his followers are always on the lookout for what outfit he will wear or what color he will dye his hair. So if you want to know more about her, keep reading.

Who is Scarday?

Scarday's full name is Dayanna Scarlett Segura García . She was born in Mexico on September 24, 2001. She is currently 18 years old. In her videos she has mentioned that her astrological sign is Libra and also many users consider that this young woman's personal life is a mystery, because they do not know much of her data.

This content creator and also influencer is a charismatic and also intelligent young woman. It should be noted that she is a very talented dancer; In addition, he usually makes us all laugh with his incredible humorous videos. She is a fan of fashion and also is not afraid to change her look to stay ahead. On many occasions, due to the striking colors with which she dyes her hair, she has impressed her fans.

She maintains a good relationship with her friends, in fact she usually records videos with her colleagues, acquaintances or with other content creators. In addition to creating videos on TikTok , he also tried his luck as a youtuber, where his results have actually additionally been great.

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