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Singer who rose to fame after winning the third season of the Colombian edition of the talent show The X Factor in 2011. Her debut album, Baila Mi Ritmo, was released in 2012.


Singer that increased to popularity after winning the 3rd period of the Colombian version of the skill program The X Factor in 2011. Her launching cd, Baila Mi Ritmo, was launched in 2012.

Before Fame

She started vocal singing at the age of 5 motivated by vocalists such as Vicente Fernández and also Selena Quintanilla .


She was chosen for the Mi Gente Awards for Best Female Artist in 2013.

Family life

Her brother or sisters are Lina, Henry, Harrison, and also Nicole.


Pipe Calderón composed tracks for his very first cd.


Shaira has actually enjoyed vocal singing considering that she was bit, she began doing it at 5 years of ages many thanks to her adoration for vocalists such as Marco Antonio Solís , Vicente Fernández , Alejandro Fernández , Selena Quintanilla , Javier Solís , Joan Sebastian, Marisela and also naturally the extraordinary Rocío Dúrcal; That is why he showed it at every chance: family members celebrations, at institution vocal singing before his instructors and also schoolmates, as well as participating in different music festivals in his region. Children are motivated to follow their dreams because they consider that with perseverance and also discipline they are fulfilled. In his spare time he likes to draw and have fun with his friends. Her participation in the Xs Factor made her recognized by an entire country, to the point of making all Colombians fall in love with her angelic voice and her charming smile. Thanks to the program, he managed to record his first album, Dance my rhythm2 and reach a complete triumph. She is currently a dressing room presenter for the Factor XF songs contest.

In 2011 , encouraged by her musical passion and also the tone of her singing, she appeared on the reality show for children Factor XS of the RCN Televisión channel together with more than 30,000 children nationwide and also that she won at the age of 8, thus giving her the recognition of the audience not only for her beautiful voice but also for her joy, sweetness, charisma and also innocence; thus beginning his artistic life. From that moment her professional life has been on the rise, she was considered ‘the new voice of the ranchera in Colombia'. José Gaviria became her mentor and also as the winner of the contest, she recorded her first album ‘Baila mi rhythm', which was released in December 2012., produced by Ivan Calderón. This record work is a compilation of his favorite songs, among which ‘Cucurrucucú, Paloma' stands out, and has ten songs by great composers of the nation, such as Wilfran Castillo, Alberto Tico Mercado, Rolando Ochoa, Jhonny Rivera and also Pipe Calderón, among others.

On the same date, with his voice he won very first place in the International Children's Music Contest organized by the Univisión network and also recorded in Miami for Don Francisco's program ‘Sábado Gigante'. Then he recorded his new single with arrangements by Mariachi Ricardo Torres, which is close to its official release. Currently, Shaira Peláez is 14 years old and has made more than 90 musical and artistic presentations at a national and international level, various television commercials and the recording of several chapters for the Tic Lab program on Channel 13 in Colombia., the novel los morales, which highlights their professionalism and level of interpretation. On YouTube, he has more than 260,000 subscribers and his songs exceed 100 million views. The video for the song ‘When I am big' on his channel already has more than 63 million visits. Since the month of August of 2015 it is part of the team presenting the reality Factor XF transmitted by the RCN in 2015 shaira out his new song can not forget. And she is presently premiering in her brand-new facet as an actress in the snail soap opera dinastia spirits that will certainly premiere in 2017.

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