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Short form content creator who rose to fame by posting lip sync and cosplay videos on her halcybella TikTok account. She has cosplayed as characters such as Spidergirl, Betty Boop, and Supergirl.
She began modeling professionally in 2018.
One of her most well-known TikTOk videos features an audio clip from Disney's Hercules. She has cosplayed as Elsa from the Disney film Frozen. She began studying psychology in school.
Her mother is a photographer. She married her childhood friend, Matthew LeBaron.
She created a TikTok set to Kaash Paige's “Love Songs.”

Desy d'Errico

Italian makeup artist and content creator who posts cosmetics and skin care tutorials. She has earned more than 1.1 million followers on her desydiblasi TikTok account.
She launched her TikTok account in November 2019.
She is known for posting elaborate and unique eye makeup tutorials.
She has Italian heritage.
Other content creators who post makeup tutorials include Makeuppbyruthie.

Feer Villalvazo

Video creator on the platform TikTok who garnered more than 10 million fans on the platform thanks to her thought-out, effects-driven videos. She often mixes in comedy for her videos as well.
She began posting to social media before she was even a teenager.
In February 2020, she was part of the promotional campaign for the Disney movie Zombies 2 in Mexico. She was nominated for the Trendy By Nick award at the 2020 Kids' Choice Awards México.
Her full name is Fernanda Odaliz Vega Gómez. She was born in Mexico City, but moved to Querétaro when she was four years old. She has a brother named Oscar. She also has a half-sister.
In September 2019, she was a guest on the Nickelodeon web show Trendy Studios, hosted by Xime Ponch and Luis Altuzar.

Jenna N

Popular content creator who is best known for her jennasinatra TikTok account where she posts comedy and challenge videos, often involving her boyfriend. She has gained over 1.6 million followers on the app. Her YouTube channel has also featured comedic shorts with relationship based content.
She launched her TikTok account in August 2019.
One of her most popular TikTok videos features her comparing her boyfriend to Noah Beck and Bryce Hall. Another popular TikTok of hers featured her spraying her boyfriend with the sink faucet.
She was born and raised in New Jersey. She and her boyfriend share a YouTube channel called Will and Jenna.
She posted a TikTok video set to the Money Man song “24” in July 2020.


Popular social media star who gained popularity for the body-positive dance videos and duets she posts to her siennamae TikTok account. She has accumulated over 14 million followers on the app. She has a second TikTok account under the username siennamaegomezz and she is also known on social media by the name spicylatina. She is also well known on her siennamaegomez Instagram account, where she has amassed over 2.1 million followers for content such as her “Girl Likes to Eat” series.
She launched her Instagram account in March 2016. Her first picture was an image from a rural part of Arizona. Before gaining fame on social media, she was a competition dancer in her hometown of Temecula, California.
She earned over 7 million views on an August 2020 TikTok POV video where she hangs out on a set of bleachers with two friends. The video is set to the song “Forever” from HBO's Euphoria. In September 2020, she was featured by TikTok as one of their 12 Latinx Trailblazers. She has her own swimwear line. She has appeared in campaigns with brands such as Maybelline, Levi's, IPSY, Converse and more.
Her parents launched their own TikTok accounts under the usernames siennamaesdad and siennamaesmom. Her brother Jacub is a photographer. She is the second youngest of four children. Her siblings in addition to Jacub are Micaela and Caden. Her parents' names are Ramón and Dina, and they appear on TikTok as siennamaesdad and siennamaesmom. She and her family moved to Los Angeles to further her career. She lives part time in Hawaii. She and her sister Micaela did community theatre together as children.


TikTok star and model who is best recognized for her lip synching videos. She is also known for dating fellow TikTok star and consistent collaborator Zalytequila.
She originally gained attention by posting lip synch videos through Musical.ly. She made the transition into TikTok in August of 2016.
She travelled to Portoviejo and shared several photos from the trip through her Instagram in August of 2019.
Her first major TikTok hit in August of 2016 also featured her younger sister.
She has created TikTok content to the songs of several major artists including Future and Bazzi.

Angi gs

Social media personality and YouTube content creator who is known for publishing a variety of vlog, beauty, mukbang and lifestyle videos on her Angiee B channel. She has more than 160,000 subscribers on the platform.
She began publishing content on her channel in 2018. One of her first videos is titled “Birthday vlog with Angiee.”
Her 2019 video “MY FIRST FIGHT STORYTIME (VIDEO INCLUDED)” has been viewed more than 660,000 times.
Her cousins have been featured in several of her videos. Her mom and younger brother have also made appearances. She showed what she and her boyfriend got each other for Valentine's Day 2021 in a vlog.
In 2019, she shared a playlist that features music by Summer Walker.


TikTok star who has risen to fame for her self-titled TikTok channel. Her lip-syncing and dancing freestyles to popular music have helped her gain huge popularity. She was cast in the Brat series Attaway General.
She began posting to TikTok when it was still known as musical.ly in October 2016.
She has seen her audience on TikTok grow to more than 6 million fans. She has also earned more than 1.2 million followers to her Instagram account where she posts different fashion looks as well as pictures with friends.
She has frequently featured her father on TikTok. She has one older sister named Aubrey and one older brother named Travis. She dated fellow social media star Diego Martir. Giovanny later became her boyfriend.
She has set TikTok videos to songs by artists such as Megan Thee Stallion, Alesso and Lil Uzi Vert.

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