Towel Prank Funny Tik Tok ??❤️

1.Lexi Rivera

Sister of social networks and also internet video clip celebrity Brent Rivera that is a social networks feeling in her very own right. She has more than 7 million fans on her lexibrookerivera Instagram account. She usually teams up with Brent on video clip material.
She published her initial photo to Instagram on May 26, 2012. This was about 3 years after her sibling made his initial YouTube video clip.
She has more than 6 million clients on her Alexa Rivera YouTube network, where she uploads comical video clips such as tricks and also obstacles. She posted a fake pregnancy video called “I'm PREGNANT!?” in September 2019 that went on to earn over 30 million views.
She has three older brothers: Brent, Brice and also Blake Rivera. Her parents are named John and Laura. She dated Ben Azelart. They broke up in late 2020.
She has featured Andrew Davila in videos on her YouTube channel.

2.Julia Summer

TikTok personality and short form content creator known for posting comedy, prank, and dance videos on her juliaxsummerx account. She has amassed more than 3.1 million followers on the platform.
She put Pop-Its snappers under a toilet seat in an early TikTok.
She shares fashion and modeling photos on Instagram, where she has earned over 700,000 followers.
In May of 2020, she got engaged to Lance Stewart, whom she features in many of her TikTok videos.
In May 2020, she published a TikTok video clip set to the Elvis Presley song “Can't Help Falling In Love.”


Content creator who has gained popularity for her indiskovar TikTok account where she posts comedy and lip sync videos, often involving her boyfriend. Her videos have earned her over 13 million followers on the social media app.
She posted her first TikTok in June 2020.
One of her most viewed TikToks features her dancing to Luis Arredondo choreography. The video has received over 19 million sights.
Her boyfriend, Eidry, also has a large TikTok following. Many people know her on social media as Indi 2.0.
She posted a TikTok set to Sean Kingston and also Justin Bieber song “Eenie Meenie” in December 2020.

4.Kate Parker

Photographer whose “Strong is the New Pretty” series of empowering depictions of young women won widespread praise and led to the publishing of a 2017 book of the same name. Her series has led to collaborations with brands like Oxygen, Athleta and Kellogg's.
She graduated from Wake Forest University with a B.A. in Field Of Study Communication and Media Studies in 1998. She was a collegiate soccer player.
She has been a marathon runner and Ironman competitor.
She married a man called Mike, with whom she has daughters.
Her work has been embraced by Amy Poehler's Smart Girls organization.

5.Jericho Hulbert

Wow! We don't know how many subscribers Jericho has. This is because this account keeps the number private, so even its fans do not know how many people are subscribed.
This account does not have categories yet. You can add the categories that best fit this account by clicking Add and also select up to 3!
Jericho, also known Jericola, currently has actually 18 photos, 6 video clips, and 21 posts. We are sad to say that it is below average, but don't worry! This sometimes means that the account is new or has deleted old content. Without a doubt, you should take a look again soon as it will surely have more content.

6.Mackenzie Grimsley

Point-of-view style content creator known for posting lip sync videos and comedy bits on her mjgrimsley1001 TikTok account. Her popularity on the platform led to her amassing more than 2.1 million fans.
She began attending Clemson University.
She launched a YouTube network in 2019 where she publishes vlog content, shopping hauls, and also couple videos.
Her sister Caroline has appeared on her TikTok account. Her boyfriend Braden Galloway plays football for the Clemson Tigers.
She created a TikTok set to Megan Thee Stallion and also Cardi B's struck solitary “WAP.”

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