Trend TikTok 2021 ?✨

1.-Ava Bamby

Trending cosplay and dance content creator who rose to fame through the use of her self-titled TikTok account. She has more than 3.2 million dedicated fans on the platform.
She asked her fans which emoji face is their favorite in a March 2021 TikTok.
She danced around in an anime school girl skirt in a viral TikTok viewed more than 17 million times.
She was born in the United States.
She performed a dance to rapper Bbno$'s “Edamame.”

2.-Twin Melody

Singing and songwriting twin sisters whose “Juju on Dat Beat” dance video exceeded 30 million views on their YouTube channel. The original username of the channel was 2ndMelodyy. They are also popular on TikTok with over 16 million fans on their twinmelody account.
Popular covers of songs by Luis Fonsi, CNCO, Adele, Ed Sheeran and other artists helped the twins earn more than 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube.

3.-Simpal Kharel

She is a Nepalese actress, musician, and TikToker, among several other things. She first became popular as a result of TikTok, in which she produced a video demonstrating lip-syncing, dancing, and other activities. In addition, she appeared in and directed the music video for ong Jaula Relaima, which featured Kamal Khatri. She’s also known for her cover songs like Feri bhet nahola, Pahilo Maya, and Jaula Relaima.
she enjoys working in modeling, music videos, and other related fields. She made a name for herself in the music industry, and she still owns TikTok, where she works as an influencer and makes a lot of money. Simpal Kharel net worth is believed to be about Rs. 7 lakhs (approximately $7000).
She is currently single. She hasn’t spoken publicly of all of her relationships. It ignited speculation that she is dating someone. However, there is no proof that she is dating.


Crown verified TikTok creator with an account called leilanigreen. Her more than 7 million fans tune in to watch her creative lip-sync videos. She also posts makeup content, POVs and brief inspirational vlogs.
She was active on other social media platforms like Instagram before gaining a following on, which later became TikTok.
She launched a YouTube channel called Itsleilaniii where she has posted tutorials, pranks, challenges, reaction videos and other content.
She is from California. Her last name is Green and she has also been known online by the name Leilani Castro. She began dating Reed Woehrle in 2019. Her younger sister appeared in a May 2021 video on her YouTube channel titled “Sister Reacts to my Car + New piercing! VLOG.”
She used the Kodak Black song “Slayed” in a lip-sync video that she captioned as “no pictures.”

5.-Bruna Sobera

Instagram model whose fashion tastes and jetsetting lifestyle has attracted more than 800,000 followers. She is widely known in the media for being the sister of popular Brazilian singer Luan Santana.
She hails from Campo Grande, Brazil.
She has been featured in television commercials for companies like Tele Sena.
Her parents are Amarildo Domingos and Marizete Santana.
Her Instagram account includes photos with celebrities like model Stella Abreu.

6.-Zoe levana

TikTok sensation known as zoelevana who has more than 21 million fans on the app. She posts lip-sync, dance and comedy videos to TikTok and also answers questions for fans through her vlog-like videos. She is also extremely popular on Instagram through her zoexlaverne account.
She started to earn a following on social media in 2016.
She was rewarded with the coveted verification crown on TikTok in March of 2017, when the app was still known as She's earned over 1.8 billion hearts on the app.
Her last name is Pemberton. LaVerne is her middle name. She has a brother named Eric and a step-brother named Cameron. Her parents' names are Douglas and Debbie. She's lived in Greenwood, Indiana. She was in an on-and-off relationship with Cody Orlove from 2017 to mid-2020. She also dated Zephan Clark. In November 2020, she began a relationship with fellow social media star Dawson Day. The couple got engaged in May 2021. On September 30, 2021, they welcomed a daughter named Emersyn. The couple married on October 5th, 2021.
She often features her friend Jessica Belkin in her TikTok videos. She and fellow social star Terin Sottile took over each other's TikTok accounts for a day.

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