360°, Raja Ampat Archipelago, Indonesia.

The archipelago of the Raja Ampat Islands is an Indonesian archipelago positioned northwest of the Doberai Peninsula (or Fowl's Head), northwest of the island of New Guinea. Administratively, the archipelago belongs to the province of West Papua, former Irian Jaya.

It's shaped by 4 essential islands, Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo, the island of Kofiau, Gag and one other 1,500 small islets, keys and sandbars.

Not far-off, is the most important marine nationwide park in Indonesia, the Gulf of Cenderawasih maritime nationwide park, whose complete space (land and marine) is roughly 46,000 km².

Raja Ampat is positioned within the so-called Coral Triangle, a middle of marine biodiversity. Within the 23rd Expedition carried out by the group Protect Nature in 2002, 505 species of coral and 828 species of fish had been counted. The Australian ichthyologist Gerald R. Allen counted 283 species of fish in a single underwater exploration. A complete of 1,320 species of fish have been recognized.

Within the coronary heart of the Coral Triangle is the Raja Ampat Marine Park the place Dudongs, sharks, turtles and blankets have been protected all through the 46,000 sq. kilometers of its extension. This park stands out for being the primary protected space in Indonesia and one of many first the place sharks and blankets are protected.

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