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The dog (Canis lupus familiaris), called domestic dog or can, and colloquially pooch or tuso, and also choco, is a carnivorous mammal of the family of canids, which constitutes a subspecies of the wolf (Canis lupus). In 2001, it was estimated that there were four hundred million dogs in the world. Its size or size, its shape and coat is very diverse depending on the breed. It has a highly developed ear and smell, the latter being its main sensory organ. Their average longevity is about thirteen to fifteen years, although small races can reach up to twenty years or more, while giant races only live nine or ten years.

The domestic dog comes from a common ancestor or ancestral group that dates from approximately thirty thousand years ago and has since spread to all parts of the world.The first fossil remains of dogs buried together with humans were found in Israel and date from about twelve thousand years since then, dogs and humans have evolved together, both in African and Eurasian cultures, and in those who populated America and remained in contact with them until the fifteenth century. Dogs share the environment , human habits and lifestyle, such as diets rich in cereals and starch. Inadequate feeding, as well as the use of antibiotics, are the cause of the development of many inflammatory and immunological diseases. Some four hundred dog diseases have a human equivalent, especially highlighting Alzheimer's disease and other neurological disorders, as well as cancers, autoimmune diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

They have a great relationship with humans, for whom they are companion animals, guard animals, working dogs, hunting dogs, water dogs, racing greyhounds, guide dogs, shepherd dogs or boyer dogs to name a few.

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