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A mind is an organ that serves as the middle of the nervous system in all vertebrate and most invertebrate animals. It's positioned within the head, often near the sensory organs for senses corresponding to imaginative and prescient. It's the most complicated organ in a vertebrate's physique. In a human, the cerebral cortex incorporates roughly 14–16 billion neurons,[1] and the estimated variety of neurons within the cerebellum is 55–70 billion.[2] Every neuron is related by synapses to a number of thousand different neurons. These neurons talk with each other by way of lengthy protoplasmic fibers referred to as axons, which carry trains of sign pulses referred to as motion potentials to distant elements of the mind or physique concentrating on particular recipient cells.

Physiologically, brains exert centralized management over a physique's different organs. They act on the remainder of the physique each by producing patterns of muscle exercise and by driving the secretion of chemical substances referred to as hormones. This centralized management permits fast and coordinated responses to modifications within the surroundings. Some fundamental sorts of responsiveness corresponding to reflexes may be mediated by the spinal twine or peripheral ganglia, however subtle purposeful management of conduct primarily based on complicated sensory enter requires the data integrating capabilities of a centralized mind.

The operations of particular person mind cells at the moment are understood in appreciable element however the way in which they cooperate in ensembles of hundreds of thousands is but to be solved.[3] Latest fashions in fashionable neuroscience deal with the mind as a organic pc, very totally different in mechanism from an digital pc, however related within the sense that it acquires info from the encircling world, shops it, and processes it in quite a lot of methods.

This text compares the properties of brains throughout the complete vary of animal species, with the best consideration to vertebrates. It offers with the human mind insofar because it shares the properties of different brains. The methods wherein the human mind differs from different brains are lined within the human mind article. A number of subjects that may be lined listed below are as an alternative lined there as a result of way more may be mentioned about them in a human context. A very powerful is mind illness and the consequences of mind harm, which can be lined within the human mind article.

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