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A cliff is a geographical accident that consists of a slope or a steep vertical. Usually it refers to a cliff when it's on the coast, however people who exist in mountains, faults and river banks can be thought-about as such. When a coastal cliff with a tabular form reaches massive dimensions, it's known as a cliff.

The cliffs are normally composed of rocks immune to erosion and weathering, normally sedimentary rocks equivalent to limonite, sandstone, limestone, dolomite, though igneous rocks equivalent to basalt or granite can be seen in these formations.

An escarpment is a selected case of cliff, shaped by the motion of a tectonic fault or a landslide. A lot of the cliffs find yourself dependently at their base; In arid areas or below massive cliffs, the slope is usually an accumulation of indifferent rocks, whereas in areas of upper humidity, the slope rocks are lined by a layer of soil compacted by moisture, forming a soil.

Many cliffs additionally function waterfalls and caves excavated on the base. Typically the cliffs die on the finish of a ridge, creating distinctive stone buildings.

Cliffs of Toñanes, Alfoz de Lloredo, CANTABRIA
The very best coastal cliff on this planet is the Thumbnail, which is the east face of the Agdlerussakasit, situated south of Greenland, with about 1500 meters above sea stage.

Different cliffs which can be among the many highest on this planet are the Faneque cliff belonging to the municipality of Agaete on the island of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) with 1027 m, and one situated in Kaulapapa (Hawaii) with 1010 meters.

In Galicia, to the northwest of Spain, there are the very best cliffs in continental Europe, which attain altitudes of greater than 600 meters within the Garita Herbeira space.

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