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Mountain biking is the sporting exercise that's carried out on a mountain bike (or MTB, All Terrain Bicycle) in mountainous terrain. By extension, the time period applies to all different cross-country terrain that presents lots of the difficulties in mountainous terrain, akin to various terrain: sand, soil, mud, streams, and so forth .; obstacles: holes, stones, logs, branches, cliffs, and so forth .; various slopes and winding routes.

Cross Nation
Normal mountain biking modality. Bicycles normally carry entrance suspension solely, though rear suspensions are additionally used. This check consists of giving a sure variety of turns to a circuit, whose size is normally between eight and 11 kilometers.

This can be a marathon downhill competitors, in Spain the avalanche «Huge Journey Manzaneda» has been going down for 7 years. [1] It's a circuit that reaches 1000 meters of unevenness with a size of between 15 and 18 km by means of forest tracks, boulder roads, streams making this a 100% enduro check.

Marathon Bike
Modality consisting of a crossing between 65 and 100 km, there are longer checks of 150 to 200 km (Salzkammergut. [2] The identical sort of bicycle is normally used as in cross nation, though considerably extra strong, as a result of the reliability and luxury are important in such lengthy races, stage checks are additionally included on this modality, such because the Trans Alp, the Transrockies, the Path of the Conquerors, the Quetzal Problem, and so forth. This modality has gained nice recognition in latest instances, as a result of their competitions are normally open to each professionals and easy amateurs and make it a private problem simply to complete them.

All Mountain
This modality (non-competitive) tries to offer aggressive bicycle drivers with extensive routes (120mm to 150mm) within the suspensions, to have the ability to make descents safely, however retains the bicycles in low weights and with designs that enable pedaling with ease, in Particular on slopes. These bikes are designed for lengthy leisure journeys.

Like All-Mountain, differing from this in a number of elements, the seek for extra aggressive descents and descents nearer to the DH, are 140-180 journey bikes and heavier.

Jumps (Filth Bounce)
This modality (aggressive and leisure) is characterised by small, gentle and really resistant bicycles, constructed for leap parks, the place the driving force have to be very skilled and agile. In it, cyclists are measured by leaping and pirouette on dust ramps.

Free driving (Freeride)
This modality (leisure) is characterised by bicycles with much less emphasis on weight and larger within the route of the suspensions, with out turning into as strong, heavy or with routes akin to Downhill (aggressive) bicycles. These bicycles enable the pedaling in ascent, however they aren't constructed for lengthy routes.

Modality by which one competes in a mountain, to have the ability to be all down, with number of jumps (minimize, double, plateaus …). It's fairly sophisticated, whether or not practiced nationally or internationally, as a result of the winner is the one who makes the journey within the shortest time, of all members.

Slalom (Slalom)
Modality much like the Descent, by which you compete on a downhill monitor, with flags and doorways within the type of snowboarding.

Ascent (Up hill)
Modality by which you compete in opposition to clock and distance. The route is barely uphill, and whoever makes the shortest time and the best distance within the ascent wins.

Rural Bike: Modality by which you compete on flat dust roads.

Bike sorts

No suspensions; the frames have a inflexible fork and the again of the body is strong, with out suspension.

Entrance suspension
Inflexible body, with out suspension mechanism however replaces the inflexible fork with a suspension fork.

Double suspension
Body with rear suspension system and fork with entrance suspension.

The 26
It's the most typical wheel measure amongst mountain bikes.

The 29
With wheels 29 inches in diameter; (This new sort of bicycle requires particular parts, such because the body, entrance suspension fork). Some of these bicycles are typically higher rollers however much less agile (mousetraps). As a result of larger radius of those wheels they're normally much less inflexible than these of 26 inches.

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