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England (in English, England) is one of the four constituent nations of the United Kingdom. Its territory is geographically formed by the southern and central part of Great Britain, an island that shares with Scotland and Wales, and about 100 smaller islands such as the Sorlingas Islands and the Isle of Wight. It is bordered to the north by Scotland, to the west by Wales – its two land borders – to the northwest by the Irish Sea, to the southwest by the Celtic Sea, to the east by the North Sea and to the south by the English Channel. England assumes 84% ​​of the population and 85% of the GDP of the United Kingdom.

The current territory of England has been inhabited by several cultures for about 35,000 years, but it takes its name from the Anglo, one of the Germanic peoples that settled there during the 5th and 6th centuries. It became a unified state in the year 927 and since the era of discoveries, which began in the fifteenth century, has had a great cultural and legal impact throughout the world. The English language, the Anglican Church and the Law of England – taken as the basis for the legal system of many other countries in the world – were developed in England, and the parliamentary system of government has been widely adopted by other nations.

The Kingdom of England – which also included Wales since 1284 – was an independent state until 1707, when the Act of Union with Scotland was signed, to create the Kingdom of Great Britain. In 1801 the Kingdom of Ireland joined the Kingdom of Great Britain thus creating the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland until 1922. With the independence and partition of Ireland since then it is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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