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A continent is certainly one of a number of very giant landmasses. Usually recognized by conference somewhat than any strict standards, as much as seven areas are generally considered continents. Ordered from largest in space to smallest, they're: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia.

Geologically, the continents largely correspond to areas of continental crust which can be discovered on the continental plates. Nevertheless, some areas of continental crust are areas lined with water not normally included within the listing of continents. Zealandia is one such space (see submerged continents under). Any such landmass is barely recognized to exist on Earth.

Islands are incessantly grouped with a neighbouring continent to divide all of the world's land into geopolitical areas. Below this scheme, many of the island international locations and territories within the Pacific Ocean are grouped along with the continent of Australia to kind a geopolitical area referred to as Oceania.

Probably the most restricted which means of continent is that of a steady[6] space of land or mainland, with the shoreline and any land boundaries forming the sting of the continent. On this sense the time period continental Europe (typically referred to in Britain as “the Continent”) is used to seek advice from mainland Europe, excluding islands akin to Nice Britain, Eire, Malta and Iceland, and the time period continent of Australia might seek advice from the mainland of Australia, excluding Tasmania and New Guinea. Equally, the continental United States refers back to the 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia in central North America and will embrace Alaska within the northwest of the continent (the 2 being separated by Canada), whereas excluding Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam within the oceans.

From the attitude of geology or bodily geography, continent could also be prolonged past the confines of steady dry land to incorporate the shallow, submerged adjoining space (the continental shelf) and the islands on the shelf (continental islands), as they're structurally a part of the continent.

From this attitude, the sting of the continental shelf is the true fringe of the continent, as shorelines fluctuate with modifications in sea degree. On this sense the islands of Nice Britain and Eire are a part of Europe, whereas Australia and the island of New Guinea collectively kind a continent.

Map of island international locations: these states are sometimes grouped geographically with a neighboring continental landmass.
As a cultural assemble, the idea of a continent might transcend the continental shelf to incorporate oceanic islands and continental fragments. On this approach, Iceland is taken into account a part of Europe and Madagascar a part of Africa. Extrapolating the idea to its excessive, some geographers group the Australian continental plate with different islands within the Pacific into one continent referred to as Oceania. This divides your complete land floor of Earth into continents or quasi-continents.

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