Exploring the Forbidden(URBEX) | 360°

Urban exploration (often abbreviated as urbex or EU) is one of the subtypes of exploration that are usually practiced and that may include visiting abandoned or non-abandoned places.This is usually the exploration of areas away from urban centers, areas industrial, or abandoned. Urban exploration is also commonly known as infiltration, although some consider that infiltration is more closely associated with the exploration of active areas or inhabited sites. To carry out this practice, explorers will access such places unthinkable for the majority, such as through the sewer or through windows located three meters high.

Urban explorers, always well equipped, are also exposed to common risks in places with clear signs of decline. The nature of this activity presents several risks, including physical risks and the possibility of detention and punishment. Many, but not all, activities related to urban exploration can be considered raids or violations of the laws of other premises or regions. On the physical side, they run the risk of accidents. Another common risk may be aggressive tramps or landslides in buildings.

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