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How do you see it from the point of view of animals? Everyone's eyes and vision is very different from what we are used to. This is how dogs, fish, birds and others see the world.

We human beings are very visual animals. That means that a large part of our attention span is based on sight. What we see completely conditions what we live. In fact, we have a great visual capacity, which justifies this fact. But what about the rest of the animals? Of course we are not the best viewers of the animal kingdom. Neither are the worst. Some simply see the world in a completely different way. We will answer the question, how do animals see and why?

Although it is commonly thought that dogs do not see colors, the latest evidence shows that this is false. Dogs, most likely distinguish blue and red colors. Also the yellows and browns. But they confuse greens and carmines since their vision is mainly dichromatic. Or so we think. Another interesting aspect due to the anatomy of your eye is different from what we see in humans. This influences the visual field, depth perception, visual acuity or movement perception. For example, dogs need to blink less times than humans due to a thicker “tear gel.” Not to mention the Tapetum lucidum, a special layer that increases the ability to see in the dark. Probably, the perception of depth is compensated by the brain, as are the colors, to some extent, so that their vision is perhaps not so different from what we know.

As with dogs, cats are also able to distinguish certain colors. In general, his vision is very similar to that of dogs. For example, their visual acuity is much lower than that of humans. These animals distinguish at six meters what we at twenty-five. But they look much better in the dark thanks to that reflective layer that compensates for the lack of light. Cats also have a vertical pupil that allows them to regulate the entry of light even better. In order to keep their eyes always in shape, as night hunters they are, cats have a nictitating membrane that protects the eye from foreign bodies.

Well, the first thing is to know that not all birds look the same. There is a very wide range of visual ability. In general all birds look pretty good. Quite better than humans, in fact. The vision is one of its most important capacities because it depends on lots of vital aspects in their day to day, including hunting or seeking refuge. Therefore, they are able to “zoom” and focus objects unthinkably for any primate, focusing on specific points at will. But even more impressive, probably, is another characteristic question of birds: they are able to see ultraviolet light. This we have verified with various experiments. Although we do not know how this will be represented in your brain, the truth is that birds can see colors that we do not even imagine.

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