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Sports car racing has been in effect for over 100 years now. And its golden age was when the most emblematic races were not held in closed racetracks, but on the roads of Europe, Asia, America, and of course, The Pan American Race in Mexico, which is still in force and had participation this year.

Of all these rally-type speed and regularity races, Enzo Ferrari's favorite was Mille Miglia, which originally consisted of a circuit between Brescia, Rome and back to the starting city. Together with the Targa Florio, Le Mans and “La Pana”, these races were responsible for the development of the majority of Gran Turismo sports cars, whose tuning allows us to go faster on public roads than on circuits.

Car racing is one of the most popular shows in the world and some competitions, such as Formula 1, have more fans than many other sports. It is also the one that moves more money, involving a large number of companies, manufacturers, athletes, engineers and sponsors. Engineers develop the latest technologies in engines, aerodynamics, suspension and tires to achieve maximum performance; These advances have benefited the automotive industry, with radial tires and turbochargers, as well as other advances.

Each category has its regulation that limits the modifications allowed for engines, chassis, suspension, tires, fuel and telemetry.

Given the high speed developed by cars and the use of fuels, motoring is an extremely dangerous sport. Although security measures have progressed over the decades, collisions, fires and other accidents frequently cause injuries and even deaths to competitors and spectators.

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