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The Buseo reservoir is located in the interior of the province of Valencia (Spain), 50 km west of its capital and 2.5 km east of the town of Chera (Valencia), to whose municipality it belongs.

The dam's work is located in the course of the Reatillo River, at the entrance of the Tormagal Gorge, in a narrow gorge of only 17 m wide, and located fifteen kilometers before its mouth in the Turia River.

It was built between 1903 and 1915 in the Reatillo riverbed on an area of 60 ha, with a maximum capacity of 7.5 hm³ and has a gravity dam.

This reservoir is in the Júcar basin and is the only property of the Generalitat Valenciana. Currently its use is basically as a tourist attraction, since it has recreational areas and free camping, and for fishing.

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