Journey to Elbrus Mountain, Russia. 8K 360º

Mount Elbrús (in Russian,; льбрус; in karachái-bálkaro, Минги тау) is the best peak in Europe, with an altitude of 5642 meters. It's situated within the western a part of the Caucasian mountain vary – which, along with the Ural mountains, marks the historically accepted border between Europe and Asia – in Kabardia-Balkaria (Russia), close to the Georgian border.

Mount Elbrús has two summits, each inactive volcanic domes. The best summit is situated to the west and rises to 5642 meters; The jap summit measures 5621 meters. The jap summit was first promoted on July 10, 1829 (Julian calendar) by Khillar Khachirov, and the western summit in 1874 by a British expedition led by F. Crauford Grove.

Among the many crises that exist across the border between Europe and Asia, an important trendy authorities such because the continental border such because the Caucasus Basin, which locations Elbrus solely in Europe because of its place on the north aspect of Russia.

The Caucasus is shaped by the collision north of the Arabic plate in opposition to the Eurasian plate inflicting many earthquakes within the area. The fault zone is advanced and the principally lateral displacement in Anatolia and Iran prevents the creation of a subduction phenomenon and explains the rarity of the volcanoes within the mountain vary. Due to this fact, Elbrús is without doubt one of the uncommon exceptions, consisting of metamorphic rocks (shales, gneisses) and magmatic rocks (granite, rhyolite, tuff).

Elbrús would have begun to type ten million years in the past. The expulsions of the volcano coated an space of ​​260 km². Fragments of rhyolite and riodacite, and tufa and ignimbrite formations, had been discovered and helped out uranium-lead from the formation of the primary boiler 700,000 years in the past, which corresponds most likely on the finish of an essential eruptive cycle. Geochronological relationship has revealed subsequent synchronous eruptive cycles in several magma foci of the Higher Caucasus, demonstrating the frequent geological origin of this volcanic exercise. Even at this time, modest fumaroles will be shaped that escape from the jap flank of the volcano, within the outdated lava move 24 km lengthy, oriented from the crater to the north-northeast.

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